Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Turkey Artist!

A few weeks ago, I took the kids to the library to get their very own library card. I don't know if you have seen the Arthur episode where D.W. has a hard time writing her full name and she continues to practice, because she wants to get her very own library card? Avi and Anderson just learned how to write their names, so after seeing the episode we decided to go to the library.
On a side note, I have very rarely run into a nice librarian. The woman that works at our library in the kids section is super nice and helpful, but the women that check the books out are just not nice! Why is that????? I was downstairs in the children's section trying to find a movie for the kids and I look up and they are all climbing up the stairs. I grabbed the video and then made my way up the stairs to find a women telling me that I need to be with my kids at all time. Of coarse I said I was right here and they are being watched. I assume she doesn't have kids and she doesn't have three kids 4 and under. Sorry if I offended any librarians.
Back to my story, we were at the library and I saw there was a coloring contest. I picked three turkeys up and then the kids went to get their library cards. They were so proud. Anderson slept with his card that night!

When we got home the kids worked on their turkeys. We were a little creative and put gems on them and then Anderson put feathers on his. We turned them in and then after Thanksgiving we got the call that Avi won. She was very excited! I was bummed I had to tell Anderson that he didn't and that they could only pick one winner.

Avielle went with her dad to the library to pick up her prize. She received a book, moose, 3 coloring books, and a paint set. She decided on her own to give the coloring books to her brother and sister. She is always so thoughtful of others.

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