Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thankful Tuesday!

I decided that each Tuesday, up to Thanksgiving, I want to write about what I am thankful for. I am truly thankful for my three energetic children, who have such spirit and love for each other.

They love to play together!

Anderson calls Avi his big sister and Ellie his little sister!


Here is my niece Penny. I have the privilege of watching Penny three days a week. We just all love her so much and when she is not with us the children always ask where their cousin went.
The days that we watch Penny are the days Avielle and Anderson go to preschool. These two girls in stripes, hang out in the mornings together. Funny that both my sister and I put them in stripes that day.

Penny, is quite the busy one these days. She is rolling over, trying to hold her bottle, and talking up a storm!

Ellie just loves her cousin!

Ellie with her bling pacifier.

Penny has such beautiful blue eyes!

Here is Penny and Kaeden having a play date together. These two are 3 months apart.
The other day I found Ellie snuggling in Penny's car seat!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lets Party!

As you know Avi and Anderson had their Birthday last week. The week before that, we had their 4 year old Birthday party with family and friends! Every year that we have had their party it has been miserable weather. Their first Birthday we had it at my brother-in-laws apple orchard and it rained most of the day. Their 2nd year old Birthday party was going to be outside in our backyard, but the forecast showed rain, so we moved it to the Neighborhood Museum. Their 3rd Birthday was at my parent's house and we rented bounces for outside and it was freezing cold outside. You needed to wear a winter coat to be outside that day! The funny thing was that the weekend before all their Birthday parties it was beautiful weather! For this year, I decided to have their party early so we would have nice weather, but more and more I thought about it I decided it was just best to have their party inside. Funny thing is the day I planned their inside party it was a chilly overcast day. Good thing it was inside!
Here are some pictures from Bounces R Us!
This is Bella, Ryan, and Ellie going down the princess slide.
Mackenzie, Brynn, and Avi greeting each other at the beginning of the party.

My mom and Penny

Bella going up the rock wall.

Bella and Luke going down the Batman slide

Cousin Katie Mae cruising around!

Miss Christine and Calli going down the truck slide.

Have giving her favorite princess Cinderella a kiss.

Sweet Abby hanging on the slide.

The boys hanging together (Anderson, Ryan, Austin, and Timmy)

Here are all the kids: Ellie, Geneva, David, Brynn, Jake, Austin, Stephie, Ryan, Bella, Izzy, Kelsey, Micah, Luke, Jackson, Addy, Aaron, Avielle, Anderson, Timmy, Caleb, Mackenzie, Henry, Addison, and Kelsey
This is Auntie Jenny with the matching girls Ellie and Penny. I know that Ellie's hair is quite wild! It was from all the jumping!

Nana and Ellie checking out the cake. The cake had two sides one Cinderella and the other Toy Story and one side was chocolate and the other vanilla.
The Birthday kids!

Happy Birthday Avielle and Anderson!

Happy Birthday My Son!

My spirited boy turned 4 on Friday! As Anderson and Avielle would say they can finally chew gum and now they are finally 4! It has been quite the celebration the last two weeks with their party two weeks ago and then their individual birthdays. This mommy is tired!
Isn't he one of the cutest redhead boys you have ever seen? He already has two marriage proposals!!!!!

My dad and Avi share the same B-day. On Sunday we had a big celebration for the birthdays. We went to my parent's house and had lunch and went on the four wheelers, had fun with the paintball gun, and decorated pumpkins.

Doesn't he look so old here?
The celebration in now over. I will never forget how they are such miracles in their own ways and how God placed them together for a reason. I prayed for many years for these two and I know God has a big plan for them! Happy Birthday to my God twins! I'm so blessed to have both of you in my life!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frog Where?

We have a pet frog that lives in our basement with our storage stuff and my school stuff. Yes, he is a pet that we decided to just let roam around free! I'm just kidding about that! As of last week we had two frogs living in our basement. But from the picture above you can see now we only have one.
My husband captured the frog with these two cups. The funny thing isn't that we have two frogs living in our basement, but that we have known about them for over a month! I continued to kindly ask my husband to maybe capture them and free them, but they weren't on the priority list.

This is where I do all my school work and when I go down to the basement and open the back door, what do I find a frog looking at me. Of coarse he moves and I just go about my work, because it is not a mouse. I really don't like mice, but I guess frogs are ok?

Here is my brave superman!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthday Girl 10-10-10

Happy Birthday to Avielle!!!!
Avielle is 4 years old on 10-10-10!
Chevy and I are so blessed by her! We love her so much and love to see her sweet spirit develope. She is so sensitive and helpful. We are blessed to be her parents. She is so beautiful and our prayer is that she loves the Lord with all her heart.
Lately she asks me each night to rock her in my arms and I sing Amazing Grace to her. I just love holding her in my arms. She has been sad about growing up. She tells us that if she grows up Nana won't be able to hold her in her arms. I tell her that she will be are baby forever! We love you princess!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Play Date with the Cousins

This summer has been a big baby explosion for my family. My oldest sister had her daughter in May, Penelope and my younger sister adopted her baby, Kaeden, in August. My parents now have 9 grandchildren and all of my 3 sisters have children. My parents are busy!
I watch Penny three days a week, so I get my baby fix!!!!Ryan is happy about that!
Anderson just love giving Kaeden kisses!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Trinity Homecoming 2010!

Last week we went to the Trinity Homecoming game! This is where Chevy and I went to college and where we met. It was actually Chevy's 10th year after graduation!
Chevy was a junior and I was a freshmen and we had a mutual friend that introduced us. I still can remember walking to one of my classes and Chevy was with his friend Vince and we would all usually say hello, but this time it was different. Chevy had asked me if we could hang out Saturday night. This was in the fall and I of coarse said yes. At the time, I didn't know if it was a date, but after talking to our mutual friend I soon found out that it was a date.
Of coarse, I got dressed nice and had my hair looking good and we went out on a double date to go golfing. Little did I know that a 1 1/2 from then I would be engaged and that in two years I would be married to this wonderful man and that he would be the father of my children. So Trinity is very special to us both! :)
We didn't watch much of the football game. They were getting creamed! We did watch the soccer game and the Trojan's won!
It was funny to see the Chevrier girls were dressed in pink, the McMahon girls were dressed in purple, and the Domier girls were dressed in white! (On a side note, both Kelli and Barclay went to Trinity and I didn't really know them well during the time there) Now I do life with them!

Anderson and Steph were playing some soccer

Baby Domier Brooke

Chevy with Avi and Anderson