Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Anderson and Avielle asleep in the car!

Monday, November 23, 2009


On Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to the Millennium Park Parade. Chevy and I ventured out with the three kiddos and drove down to the city! I know your thinking wow you did that with three young kids! I know, Chevy took a little while to convince! Later he told me it was worth going!

We got to the city and parked the car and ran to get a spot to see the parade. When we first got our spot the gentlemen next to us told me that we were in the perfect location, because we would have the best spot for the fireworks. We thought great! Lets stay here and told our Domier friends about this great spot.

As the parade started around the corner, the crowd grew and our nice sidewalk step became flooded with people. Our sweet little kids could no longer see over the gigantic people that stood in the road where the police officer told them to move.

Ryan and I thought there is no way that we can hold three children! Just then this sweet woman next to us looked at Avielle and said I will hold you! We were so blessed by this woman who we didn't even know and how she just jumped in to help us. This sweet woman from Indiana, seen in 4th picture, came to our rescue and allowed Ryan and I the peace of mind knowing they could all see.

This sweet woman interacted with Avi and quickly pointed out that Avielle already had the princess wave down! The whole experience of the kindness of this woman encouraged me to pay it forward and go out of my way and help others. Thank you woman from Indiana who works at the United States Post Office. Thank you for giving up time with your family and helping a fellow family. We will never forget your kindness!

What is that Smell????

The other day I smelled a strange smell in my car and couldn't figure out where it was coming from? Then Chevy (husband) also commented on the smell. Now I'm really good about cleaning out my car daily. I always make sure I find all the sippies and snack traps and wash them at the end of the day. So I told Chevy I'm really not sure on the smell and know that it isn't a old diaper or an old sippy.
Chevy went out to the car and did some more investigation. He found where the smell was coming from and it was in the back seat. In the picture above you can see him unscrewing the seat to get to the smell. Unfortunately we haven't been able to locate the smell. I must repeat, "Unfortunately!" It really stinks in the car.
We both came to the conclusion that it must be a dead mouse. Yep, that's right a dead mouse! How do you think the mouse got in the car? I really don't know, but we sometimes and I won't name names "he" as a tendency to leave the sliding doors open after pulling the kids out of the car, while the car is in the garage. Sometimes when I go to the car in the morning the doors have been open all night! I must say I haven't seen a mouse in the garage as of late, but it might have hopped into the car overnight.
It is just "The Joys of Being a Mother!" A mouse dieing in a car I thought could never happen. I guess I was wrong! Now we will be going on our 6 hour trip to Michigan tomorrow, with this horrible smell. We will smell good for our Michigan family!!!!! After being in the car for a while you kind of get used to the smell!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Last weekend, we took our friends up on their offer and went to stay at their apartment in downtown Chicago. Our 18 month old stayed with my parents and we took our two, three year old to the city, or as Avi and Anderson would call it the city of lights.
The picture above is their view from the apartment. They over look Navy Pier. When we slept there I asked Ryan to keep the blinds up so I could wake up to the view. Just Beautiful!

Saturday night we walked to Millennium Park and saw the famous Bean! It was really nice and pleasant and the kids had so much fun seeing all the tall towers and pretty lights!

After our walk, the kids and Ryan went swimming. I decided to sit and watch as I was baby free and didn't need to chase Ellie. I don't think Ryan was so happy with my decision. Just Kidding! Well, not really!
We met this nice looking statue man on our walk to Navy Pier. Avi was fascinated with him! At Navy Pier we went to the Children's Museum. The kids had a lot of fun with all the exhibits. They had a build your own fort that was a creative time. Their favorite was the nursery room for all the babies, where they got to bathe the babies and get them dressed. I know your thinking your son liked that room. Yes, Anderson loves to play house and be the daddy.
All in all, it was a really fun trip that will be a lasting memory. I love seeing new things through my children's eyes. Anderson cried when we left, because he is a city boy! Ryan and I were thinking about selling our house and moving to the city. Just a dream we have! Maybe when we retire we will become city people?
Just a side note, I wanted to add more pictures, but I'm having a hard time dragging the pictures. Does anyone have that trouble?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Shower Pictures

Here are some pictures from Shari's baby shower The guests decorated onesies for baby Katie
Shari shared Katie's story of the adoption and the birth
This is Shari coming down to the basement where we were dinning. It was fun to see the look on her face, because our basement is usually filled with toys.
Shari talking to her co-workers
The clothes line was a gift to Shari and a great way to decorate the house
Barclay, Kelli, and I threw the shower for Shari
Cake from Loven Ovens
Pink punch with floating rubber duckies

Kelli made chocolate suckers for each of the table settings
Center pieces for the tables
Each setting had some strawberries, sour cream, and brown sugar. The guests were to dip the strawberries into the sour cream and then into the brown sugar. I know it sounds like a strange mix, but it is really good!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Grace, God's Grace!

On Saturday, we celebrated one of my good friend's Shari's baby shower. She recently adopted her little bundle Katie Grace. At the shower I read the very popular verse from Ephesians about adoption.

"In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will- to the praise of his glorious GRACE, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. " Ephesians 1: 5-6

I just love how God models the perfect example of how He adopted us into his family. The only way that He could adopt us into His family is by GRACE. We are not perfect and come with so many imperfections. We come to God broken and needy for His love and He truly gives His love freely and lovingly. He wants and desires that relationship with us that we so deeply desire and long to have. The security and the affirmation that we look throughout our daily routines He can give us. The peace we desire can only come through surrendering our lives to Him and Him having GRACE and adopting us into His family.

His GRACE is glorious! As I was reading this verse in preparation for Shari's shower I saw the word GRACE. I pondered the meaning and how God has Grace on us and through Grace we have life. I thought how fitting that Shari's new adopted daughter's middle name is Grace and my adopted daughter Avielle Joann's name means, "God is GRACIOUS." People often ask me why I named Avielle, Avielle and I reply that I just loved the meaning. The meaning of her name reminds me of God's GRACE for me and that He was GRACIOUS to give her to me to raise as my daughter.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Decorations

I thought that it might be fun to show some fall decorations that I have around the house. It is strange since having children I really enjoy decorating for each of the seasons. I look forward to each of the holidays and seeing family and breaking out of the norm of life's routine.
It is so fun to see holiday's through your children's eyes. Wouldn't you agree? I can't wait for Christmas! Chevy and I usually put up the decorations while the children are sleeping. I love when they wake the next morning and see the Christmas decorations and run through the house picking out what is different!
Art projects the kids made

Cinnamon pine cones from Jewel! Love the smell that circulates throughout the house. Oh, so sweet!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sesame Street is celebrating their 40th Anniversary!!! Can you believe that it has been 40 years? That means that it was on for 10 years before I was born? Hard to believe. More than 440 celebrities have appeared on the popular children's show since Carol Burnett and James Earl Jones became the first two guest stars in 1969. The group now claims Robert De Niro, Richard Pryor, Stevie Wonder and, most recently, first lady Michelle Obama, who appears in the 40th season opener, among its members.

Everyone seems to have a favorite Sesame Street character, whether it's the perpetually cranky Oscar the Grouch, the bright yellow, optimistic Big Bird or one of the other colorful cast members. And if you've ever wondered which character you are most like, there is an interactive quiz to help you find out.

I took the test to see what character that I am on Sesame Street and you guessed it Ernie! Here is the description of Ernie.

Ernie: I sometimes come up with some hair-brained schemes, which tends to test the patience of those closest to me. But it's all because I like to have fun. I am generally the life of a party at gatherings and love a good practical joke.

I agree with the part about liking to have fun. I do love having fun with people and I can be the life of the party in certain ways. I always used to think that I was an introvert, but after becoming a stay at home mommy I noticed that I do need people to keep my spirits high. People energize me and help me to see the positives.

Here is your opportunity to see what character you are. Go to it is a lot of fun! I hope there are not any Oscar's the Grouch! Let me know what character you are!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Day!

On our way to our class the kids love helping Ellie! I love seeing the love!
As you can tell from my blog I like to share the happenings in the Chev Family home. So today I wanted to share about our Tuesday class, Wiggles and Giggles. It is a fun class where all three of my children can come and have fun. It basically consists of centers throughout the room, story, music, and then snack. It last from 9:30-11:00.
I promise that soon I will get more philosophical and deep. Though it is fun to share the day to day of life.

Ellison just loves the easel. On the other side of the easel is paint and she absolutely loves that.

Avielle is painting with sticks and using green paint
Anderson loves the tumble room!

Snack time Ellie style!

The kids love Miss Lauren!

Monday, November 9, 2009

This whole weekend we were blessed with some beautiful weather for November, 70 degrees! So the whole weekend we spent outside doing yard work. I was going on a little walk with Ellie and taking some cute pictures of her in her Bear's jersey when all of a sudden I hear my other cutie saying, "Mommy come wipe me!" As you can see from the picture she has her leggings past her knees and a long shirt that covers you know what and some toilet paper in her hands. Thankfully she did go #2 in the toilet, which she always does. I'm also thankful that she didn't come running towards me on the sidewalk, but that her daddy was near by. She just needed a wipe and both of us were outside enjoying the day.

It was just one of those times you just need to laugh and think, "The Joys of Being A Mother." Now I was hoping that known of the neighbors saw and I was shocked I had a camera in my hand to capture this hilarious moment!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brushing Teeth, What Is The Big Deal?

Okay as of late, my kids are obsessed with brushing their teeth. Now that they are 3 they moved up to the big kid toothpaste and have a new spin brush. They are learning the proper way to brush their teeth and how to spit in the sink. They insist on putting the toothpaste on themselves. After Anderson is done brushing his teeth he tells me, "Mommy I brushed the front, side, and bottom." In my controlling nature and this nagging feeling I have tells me I need to brush after they have brushed, which I definitely do for Ellie Bellie. Not that I think they didn't do a good enough job, that is exactly what I am thinking, but I don't want their teeth rotting.

Ellie, 17 month old, is the worst teeth brusher or germ transporter. She loves standing up on the bench and dipping her tooth brush into the sink. I'm about screaming inside my mind thinking about all the germs that could be in the sink. Then she likes to borrow her brother and sister's toothbrush. Again I about die inside with disgust.

One day they will understand how disgusting licking toothpaste tops are, sharing cups, and toothbrushes. Then I will just tell them what they did when they were 3 and 17 months! Does anyone out there have a trick on brushing their kids teeth? How can I get them to want me to brush their teeth? Please do share!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Anderson started soccer last week and absolutely loves it! His soccer practice is at 5:00 so when I woke him from his nap last week to tell him it was time for soccer he quickly gave me a smile. Then he told me what he wanted to wear, Adidas sweats, and told me to get his soccer shoes. It was just so fun to see how serious he was about it and how excited he was.

Chevy, husband, was also extremely excited. He took work off early to come see his boy play soccer. Chevy wrote of Facebook, tonight my son's soccer career starts! Chevy placed soccer in high school and then in college. We all know that Anderson wants to be just like daddy and I want him to be just like daddy too!

It was interesting to see Anderson run backwards and to see his attention wonder while the coaches instructed him. His buddy, Bella is also in his class. They really look out for each other and love to hold hands and give hugs. When Bella falls down you will see Anderson going to sit by her and he checks to see if she is alright. They are like a newly wed couple!

Bella and Anderson kicking the ball around. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. Around the indoor soccer field there is Plexiglas. Doesn't do much for pictures!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What a Miracle!

On Thursday, Ryan and I took our little Ellie to her heart doctor. As we were anticipating her visit I thought about where we started with our little miracle 17 months ago. Ellison Cynthia entered the world on June 4, 2008 and Ryan and I witnessed a miracle. I had a wonderful labor and Ellie came so easily. When she was born I didn't hear a cry, but saw a lot of concern on every one's face. My doctor tried to keep me calm and told me they don't know what is wrong but the pediatricians know what they are doing and she is in good hands. Things continued to get worse as they found out that Ellie's oxygen levels were low and they did CPR on her as soon as she left the birth canal. Ellie was delivered at Lake Forest Hospital and was put in their ICU. We weren't allowed to hold her for a very long time.

Now I had a great pregnancy and nothing was detected during the pregnancy that could mean there was a problem. The cardiologist came in to meet with us and told us that he did an ECHO on Ellie's heart and the right side of her heart was really thick and the blood flow wasn't circulating well. I just remember crying so hard as the doctor talked and I was in shock that this was happening. He told us that she would probably need one of many open heart surgeries and that they would probably have her first surgery in three days. He also told us that Ellie would have difficulties throughout her life doing normal activities.

They rushed her that night to Children Memorial Hospital. Ryan stayed by her side the whole time. I healed for the night and joined them the next day at the hospital. That night alone without a baby was horrible. My mom stayed with me, but it was so sad to hear babies crying and knowing that my baby was an hour away from me.

We had a lot of people praying for Ellie and each day we waited to hear what the doctors would say. We met a lot of lovely people at Children Memorial. The baby next to Ellie past away after the second day we were there and that was really hard to see. It truly opened my eyes to another world.

Here is the miracle, the only procedure that Ellie was ever given was oxygen. Ryan and I would watch her levels go up and down and freak out with all the beeping sounds when her levels went low. We had two doctors, one was very cautious and another seemed very relaxed. One doctor wanted to do surgery right away the other one wanted to wait. They both came to the conclusion to wait to see what her heart was going to do. Well, God continued to heal her heart. After 10 days at Children's we were able to go home with Ellie on oxygen. We continued to see the cardiologist and after two months he told us we could take her off of oxygen. The only thing the doctors ever did for Ellie was give her oxygen they said they didn't know how her heart kept healing, but to continue whatever we were doing. We were putting our hope and our faith in the Lord!!!!!! He is the ultimate physician and healer
Ellie is now 17 months and at our last visit the doctor told us that her heart almost sounds normal. The doctors have all told us that this healing doesn't usually happen and that they have never seen this. As I go to her visits, it just reminds me of what a blessing she is and a true miracle from God. I am honored to be able to witness such a miracle and to be able to be her mommy! Thank you God!

I also wanted to say that during our time at Children's Memorial we stayed a the Ronald McDonald House for $5 a day. That was a true blessing!

Ryan and I always like to go out after her doctor's visit and celebrate with something to eat. This time we went to Portillos and we were able to pretend that we just had one child. That is rare. Thank you Mom and Dad for watching Avi and Anderson during all of the doctor's visits.