Tuesday, July 24, 2012

T-Ball 2012

This year Anderson started T-ball!  His practices are every Tuesday and Thursday evening and games every Saturday for almost the whole summer. 
He has been doing really well and has been enjoying it! 

Little Molly (Jacob's sister) walking around.
Anderson got to do T-Ball with his buddy Jacob. 
Here my mom came to the game. 
These two have been enjoying watching their brother and playing on the playground at practices. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Park View Bike Parade!

We had our first Park View subdivision bike parade this year.  Of coarse it was super hot that evening that we planned to do it.  We were all dripping in sweat as we decorate our bikes at 6:30 at night.   

The parents and kids were all such troopers to brave the heat!
Bella has her bike ready
What an adorable crew!!!!
Here are the babies following along!
They all rode their bikes and we ended the bike parade at Mr. Mark's house where he had a water slide up that we could all cool down in!  Thank you Mark!
Zach, Jacob, and Anderson
Brynn and Ellie
Daniella and Avielle
Daniella and her mommy!
Anderson and Ben
The kids had fun playing in the water and slide and then things got interesting with the squirt guns.  The kids started coming after the adults with the squirt guns!  My Chevy was absolutely soaked and I got a little wet from a misfire!
We are moving by the end of August and the hardest part about the move is that we really love our neighborhood.  The neighborhood is all about family and the kids are all around the same age.  There is always someone to play with and parents to sit out and talk to.  Mark and Ellen own a Bouncy house, so we love going over to their house to bounce on the latest equipement.  Thankfully we are moving 5 minutes away. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4th of July

I absolutely love 4th of July!  I love all the patriotic themes and dresses in red, white, and blue.  I also love summer time.  This year in Illinois it has been SUPER HOT!  It has been swimming weather everyday.  If you are not swimming you need to be inside or you will melt.  On the 4th this year it was in the high 90's. 
  A tradition that we have done for the last 4 years is to go to the Round Lake parade.  This year we went with the Troiano's (my sister's fam) and the Domier's.  The cousins had matching dresses.  :)
My sister lives right by where the parade starts.  Here we are getting bags for all the candy.
Fortunately the Domier's found a place in the shade and the heat was bearable.
Brynn and Ellie

Anderson showing some love to Brooke!
Then it was time to get up front for all the candy. 
The Round Lake parade is super loud with all the sirens. 
Brynn and Brooke getting their ears plugged.
This girl couldn't wait for the candy!  After the parade we went to my sister's house and cooled down.  We went home and got our food ready to bring to my parent's house for some swimming time. 
When we got there I was ready to jump in that pool!
Here are the girl cousins!
Here are some more girl cousins!
Kaeden running around! 
Anderson!  Unfortunately, we didn't get a boy cousin picture!
We couldn't light off fireworks this year.  We are in an extreme drought and we didn't want to start a fire. The kids all had a blast together!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Silly Faces!

While we were in Michigan we spent a little time with Grandpa and Grandma.  Grandpa Dale has this silly face that he makes and the kids absolutely love!  So, here are some shots of some silly faces from all of them!
Here is Grandpa Larry get in on the fun!
The fadora hat is great for pictures!

Friday, July 13, 2012

60th Anniversary

  So, yesterday afternoon I sent off the kids to Grammie and Papa Camp or it is called Cousin Camp.  My parents have a cottage in Michigan and for the last 3 years they have been taking the kids to Michigan on their boat.  They do fun crafts and campfires.  The only criteria if you are old enough is if you are potty trained.  This year I have all three at Grammie and Papa Camp!  So that is why I have some extra time to actually finish a post.  I might be able to crank out a few, so stay tuned this week!  :) 
We recently celebrated Grandpa Dale and Grandma Alice's 60 year Wedding Anniversary.  These two are still love birds after 60 years.  It is so apparent that their love runs deep and wide. 
Isn't the banner cute with their picture on it?  I love old black and white pictures.  I feel bad for our kids when they look back at our pictures we are all going to have 80's hair and puffy sleeves!  We will have braces on our teeth!  In their time era people dressed so classy and beautiful.
Here are my 3 munchkins.  I tried to match the kiddos to the colors of the party!
Renee (Ryan's sister) made the vases with the pictures on the front.  Mom got all the flowers from her yard!  They were so beautiful!
 The kids with Grandma Alice and Grandpa Dale
I just love these two!  It amazes me how much they look alike!
Ellie and Avielle with their Auntie Renee.

The girls with cousin Jenna.  Jenna got the two oldest (Avi and Anderson) their very special bears that they sleep with EVERY night. 
These cupcakes were absolutely AMAZING!  The little ones had a peanut butter frosting and a brownie cake with a candy in it!  Well I had three that day! 
Mom and Renee
Myself and Renee
Getting ready to eat that cupcake!

Almost everyone who was invited was there!  It was so special and I think Grandma Alice and Grandpa Dale were blessed by it!  
It was so sweet, when Mom got up on the mike and gave a little introduction.  She told everyone that this party was a surprise for Alice and Dale.  When the guests received their invitations so did Alice and Dale.  Mom then added, have you met my grandchildren yet?  It is so apparent that she is so proud of her grandchildren!  :) She had them come up and introduced each of them.     
The boys!  There are not many boys on this side of the family.  Uncle Don is the only son, Ryan is the only grandson, and Anderson is the only great grandson. 
Ellie playing with Mr. Nate

Uncle Don being goofy
It was a fun day and a great celebration of 60 years of marriage!