Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Do you like the new look? My very dear friend, Barclay Domier, designed the blog for me. I was just telling her the other day that I really enjoy blogging, but I want the site to look nice and I don't have the patience or skill to do it. Her husband and herself take really good pictures of their kids and their friends kids. The pictures of my kids were on her computer! Can you believe it?
I want to tell you a little about Barclay. Barclay and I met in college, Trinity International University. Actually her now husband, Vince, was best friends with my now husband, Ryan. In college we were a school year apart so we really weren't friends at all. It wasn't that we didn't like each other, but we were in different grades and had established our own friends. Little did we know that we would be doing life together.
We both got married really young. I was 20, but almost 21 and Barclay just turned 20 when she got married. We got married 2 weeks apart from each other. We still were not close friends until about two years after we got married.
We later started hanging out as couples and got to know each other more and more. We always had fun with the Domier and laughed a lot. We both started checking out the Chapel at the same time. Our friendship grew and it was a given that we and the McMahon's and Lyman's would hang out on Friday nights. (I will do another post about our other dear friends).
About 4 years ago we shared backyards and were neighbors! That was a lot of fun, because we stayed home with our kids and got to hang out a lot. Unfortunately our family grew quickly and we had to move.
I just wanted to share a little about Barclay and how she is a special friend in my life that I do life with. Our kids are the same age, so as you can see we have a lot in common. Thanks so much Barclay for designing the blog and being a great friend!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Avi and Anderson have started talking about God more. I just wanted to share some of the sweet things they have been saying. The other day we were in the car coming home from church and Avi was being "Chatty Cathy." She was just talking away which surprises most people because she is usually quiet when she is around others. I promise at home she talks a lot. Ryan and I hear her saying, "God can you grab me some of the leaves on top of the tree?" Then she paused and said, "Yes, or No." Then she came to the conclusion, "Maybe tomorrow." I just loved that and thought how God just gave a chuckle at how cute Avi is.
Today Avi was in the bathtub and she turned to Ellie and said, "Where is Ellie? Is she up in the sky with Jesus?" It is so funny to hear what comes out of their mouths.
Also today we went to a free outside concert in Round Lake, and Anderson turned to Avi and said, "You know what Avi? God lives in my heart." It just melted my heart to hear him say this. I asked him again where Jesus lives and he told me he lives in Michigan. I know Ryan calls Michigan the promise land but come on!!!!!!!
One last thing, Anderson told me today that he just loved the juggler and that when he grows up he wants to be a juggler!
"The Joys of Being a Mom!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here We Go!

I can't believe I have actually started a blog. I kept telling myself that I would never be able to create one. First of all writing does not come easy to me. It actually makes me nervous. I always need to proof read what I write a million times. On Facebook it asks you to write what you are doing at the current moment and when I write my sentence I think I reread it a million times and wish that Facebook had spell check. So, please be patient with my grammar and spelling. I know I am a 2nd grade teacher, but I never taught High School. Well, I'm ready for this adventure. Are you? Let "The Joys of Being a Mother" begin!!!!!!! Let me tell you there are many joys of being a mother and on the other hand the above statement can also be sarcastic!