Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dreaming of a Birthday!

Some one's Birthday is coming up! For the last two weeks Avi and Anderson, especially Anderson, has been asking when his/her birthday is going to arrive. I told them that when the leaves start falling and when it is autumn it will be their birthdays. Well both of these have happened and so each morning they ask me when it is going to be their birthday.

This is the 1st year that they really understand the concept of a birthday party. Anderson has been telling me that he is dreaming about how the birthday party will be. I then asked him to tell me what he is dreaming, to know if his expectations are too high. So far I think Anderson and Avielle will enjoy their party!!!!!

Avielle has figured out that she is five days older than her brother. It is funny that she is the oldest only by five days and she does act like the oldest and has the oldest qualities or characteristics in the birth order. She is so good at mothering to Ellie and my niece Penny.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Orchard!

On Thursday, we made our annual trip to Royal Oaks Apple Orchard. My sister and brother-in-law live there with their four children. My brother-in-laws grandparent's own the farm and Paul helps manage it.

Of coarse my sister met us there and my kids were so excited to see their cousins. The mom's had a fun outing with the kids. The moms that went were Kelli, Barclay, Katie, Meghan, and Theresa. Now I will name all the kiddos: Avielle, Anderson, Ellie, Mackenzie, Stephie, Bella, Brynn, Brooke, Abby, Timmy, Caleb, Katie, Lucy, and Charles. Wow, there was a big group!

There were a lot of hugs that 88 degree day! It was extremely windy, but nice and warm.

Here is Anderson with his cousin Timmy. I think Anderson was just thrilled to have boys around! We first went to the play area and the petting zoo.

Charles with Mackenzie

More hugs from the cousins!

Mackenzie, Avi, and Bella
Little Angels!
Here is our group watching a video on how apples grow.

Cousin Caleb and Ellie holding hands!

Off to pick apples

Avi and Lucy are shining them!
Here is Abby with her mommy Katie

Sweet picture of Caleb

Now it is time for some apple cider and apple donuts! Yum!

Brynn and Avi enjoying their apples

They are looking at the bees
Ellie decided that she was the pumpkin!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silly Faces of Ellie!

You crack me up, little girl!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


We signed up for the Coldwater MI, triathlon in April. We all headed out on Friday to the my parent's cabin and my parent's-in-law's cabin. The race was the next morning. We were one of the first people to sign up for the triathlon. Do you notice the numbers that are on our arms? Kelli, of coarse, was the first! :) We all went in order. Pretty cool to be numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 out of 200 people!
The race consisted of an almost 1/2 mile swim, 6 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run.

Here is Anderson's look alike, Nate, Renee's boyfriend. Anderson was encouraging Nate and gave him a Silly Band for good luck!

Here are our cheerleaders, Grandpa and Ellie! Of coarse our other cheerleaders who are not in the picture were Nana, Charlie (Katie's husband), Abby (Katie's daughter), Avielle, and Anderson.

Us in our lovely swimming caps!

Here is my sister-in-law Renee and her boyfriend Nate.

Okay funny story! Here are us girls getting into the water! Renee was almost at the starting line when she could hear us girls (Katie, Kelli, and myself) just screaming as we entered the cold yucky water! We are such girls, but hey the bottom of the water was just gross.

After we swam we ran to our bikes and put on our shoes and took off on our bikes. I really didn't enjoy the swimming part. For most of the swimming you could touch the bottom, so most people didn't even swim. When you tried to swim you would be kicked by others or would run into others. Right at the end I wasn't able to touch the bottom and I panicked a little. It was really hard to catch my breath.

Here is me running at the end of the race.

I'm so glad that Katie, Kelli, Josh, Nate, Renee, and my husband completed the race. It was really a fun experience and wasn't too intense.

Anderson and Avi wanted to be in the picture.
Avielle with her Auntie Nee!

After the race they took a snooze!!!!!

After the race we went out for a nice dinner and then went to the sandbar. Katie and Charlie had to go, so we missed them.

Uncle Josh read to the girls! They just love him, especially Ellie!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Babies Hair!!!!

A few weeks ago, I was in the other room and I heard Avi say to Ellie, "I will cut your hair." Of coarse I shouted, "NO, don't cut her hair!!!" As I ran into the room I saw my babies curls on the counter. I started crying and then my sweet Avi started crying. I truly know that Avi didn't know the outcome that would take place when she took the scissors to her sister's hair. We talked about how we don't cut hair and only professionals do.

So Ellie doesn't have a noticeable chunk out of her hair, but you can see the extra layer when it is combed straight. I know that it could have been worse, so I am thankful that is wasn't.
My neighbor cut my hair when I was little and my mom said that I had a bald spot for a while. I guess it is just one of those kid experiences that we all must go through in our growing up years. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our neighbors are moving to Pennsylvania. We are super sad to see them go! During the summer we hung out a lot together as Alana and Ellie are around the same age. I really feel that our neighborhood is pretty tight with each other, which I really enjoy. If anyone needs a really nice house for really cheap and would like to be our neighbors, I have a house for you!
Here are the girls with Alana. We had the Rogers and the Valsilikos over for dessert the week before they left.

Here are all the kids eating their brownies.

Bottom to top: Avielle, Alana, Ellie, Anderson, Sean, and Aaden

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Over Labor Day weekend the McMahon's invited us over for a cook out. The day felt like fall and was just beautiful. The kids had a lot of fun playing outside! Thanks McMahon's!!!!

Here is Barclay and Vince with their new baby Brooklyn!

The gang!

Avielle roasting her marshmallow.

Ellie has become smitten over her Uncle Josh!

Then Mackenzie and Avielle read each other some bedtime stories. They attempted to sleep in the bunk bed together, but it didn't turn out.