Monday, August 31, 2009

Yes, Michigan

I titled this post, "Yes, Michigan!" Do you remember the commercial when we were young that sang, Yes, Michigan and then it had some other words, but I don't remember them? Well when I was little, I didn't realize how special Michigan would become to me! That is where my sweetheart is from and that is where we spend holidays and most of our summer. We are privilege to have both Ryan and my parent's on Marble Lake in Michigan.
I wanted to tell you about the weekend and our fabulous friends Josh and Kelli. They are a great couple that we have a lot of fun with! We met them while we were married and they were dating! So we got to see it all; their love blossoming, the call about the engagement, then the wedding, and the birth of their children. It has been fun to be able to go through all these special times with them. All eating ice cream. The kids wouldn't look up for the picture, they're enjoying their ice cream too much!

Josh and Kelli are a lot of fun to be around! Josh is the life of the party and Kelli is so much fun to talk to and is very insightful. As a couple they are extremely generous in giving of themselves and truly have a heart for others around them. They are true friends for life that we know we'll always be there for them and they for us. We just love that Ryan and I can call them our friends!

During the trip we went boating, on the wave runners with the kids, to the park, shopping, and out to eat. Let me tell you that is a lot with 5 children 2 and under. We had to work around naps, but that was our time to rejuvenate. Sleeping arrangements were fun, lets just say none of the couples got to sleep in the same room. It was just the perfect weekend to be at the lake and we were in good company. The beautiful pictures I stole from Kelli. Don't they look so clear? As I tell everyone, "I'm saving for a better camera!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to Work!

Its bitter sweet around here at the Chevrier household. Ryan has gone back to work at Staffing Now, Inc. That is the sweet part, but the bitter part in that we miss him dearly. The kids talk about him and ask if their daddy is going to meet us on our outings. It is hard for me to explain that his time isn't flexible anymore and his days are longer. During the summer, the kids were used to him working everyday at his tax office, but would be home at 4:00. It was a treat to have him fully home for the last two weeks before he went to work at SNI. We did so much and in the next coming days I will share our events with you. Ryan seems to enjoy the new company and he is home by 6:00. The days are long, but the kids are so excited to greet him when he gets home. The kids were eating dinner last night and they heard the door open and they actually started shaking, because they couldn't get out of their seats fast enough to hug him. Even Ellie was so excited!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

A Day with Avielle at Great America!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Naps Today!

Today we went to Great America with Ryan, Avi, Anderson, Ellie, Nana, Auntie Rachelle, Stephanie, a dear friend from college, her mom and Stephanie's kids, Abi and Leah. We had a blast together! Your not going to believe it, but we stayed all day and skipped naps. If you know me that is quite amazing! I am very strict with naps and being home to take them. Naps are my sanity and help me make it through the day. It is the time where I clean the house and get what I have wanted to get accomplished all day, but I have been watching and entertaining the kids. Believe me with three kids under 2 1/2 you can't get a lot done. Though this week I am a new woman. All week the kids have been off on their naps. Tuesday and Thursday the older kids didn't even get a nap and on Wednesday we put the kids down at 3:30 for a nap. While we were at Great America I took these shots of the kids. I didn't get one of Avi being tired, but Ellie fell asleep in the stroller and Anderson was quite tired and took a rest on the beach towel bag.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

"Can we say PRINCESS?"

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Tonight Ryan usually plays soccer on his soccer league, but there were only 5 players where they need 10 players to be a competitive game. Ryan said that they could have played with 5 players, but that would be a lot of running! So instead of the kids watching their daddy play, they were able to dribble the ball down the soccer field. Ryan was the goalie and the kids were shooting the ball. We needed to remind to not use their hands. In the first picture Ellie and Brynn were quite amazed by the "white" grass. I love the last picture. It is Daddy with his girls. He is such a good daddy and loves hanging with his family. I love summer nights and being able to enjoy the whole day outside!
Aren't they so cute looking at the "white" grass?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anderson The Music Man!

Our second child, Anderson who is 2 1/2 absolutely loves music! He especially loves guitars and drums. Though he calls his guitar a muitar. He actually says it so much that Avi also calls it a muitar! One of his favorite shows is Imaginations movers. When the show begins you will find Anderson wearing his hat backwards and playing his guitar that he got for Easter. He tells me he wants to look just like mover Dave.
He also loves drums. We do not have a drum set for him at our house. That is on purpose, because we want our sanity. Though my parent's have an adult drum set and Ryan's parents have a kids drum set. So when he goes to their houses he gets his fill. Here is a picture of him last year at Ryan's Uncles house playing.

Last week we went to the Spray Park with our neighbors. The mom's have kids the same age as mine and they are both teachers. One of the moms has girl/boy twins. They too have an "A" theme to their names, Angela and Anthony.
While we were there Anderson decided to get all the sand buckets we had and the shovels and make a drum set. He found a nice little seat in the lawn and set out all his drums. He started playing and then little by little he started to have a following! These two cute little girls came up and sat to listen to him play. They sat on the concrete and listened for quite a while! Their dad and I took pictures to capture this cute moment. At the bottom there is a little video of the moment. Sorry I need to work on my camera skills!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missing Avi!

Ryan's parents live in Oxford, Michigan and they have a cottage on Marble Lake in Coldwater, Michigan. It is a great location because it is about half way between Oxford, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. Though unfortunately we have the traffic on our drive. My parent's live 10 minutes from us, but they also have a cottage on Marble Lake. It is the best for Ryan and I because we can visit with both sides of the family. Usually we can split our big family between the two cottages. The kids love the attention from their grandparents and the boats and wave runners. Our parents really get a long with each other so we all have a lot of fun together! The Chevrier's and the Anderson's have the same wedding anniversary and they were married the same year, I believe two hours apart from each other! Quite amazing! So, they do have a lot in common.

Nana and Avielle

Nana and Grandpa (Ryan's parents) have made it a tradition to take each child for a week. This summer they started with Avielle and then they took Anderson for the week. Nana asked if it would be okay to take Ellie, but we decided that 13 months was just too young. Not that I don't trust Nana, because she is awesome with the kids. I just have separation issues. So instead of taking Ellie it was Avielle's turn to go visit with Nana, Grandpa, Auntie, Renee, and Auntie Rachelle. My kids always have such a fun time in Michigan and I thought I would share some of Avi's experiences. I miss her so much and can't wait to have her back on Monday. I think Anderson really misses his playmate!!!!! Isn't she just a beautiful little girl?

Auntie Rachelle and Auntie Renee with Avi

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Anderson at the park making his Grandpa Powell face!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

On Sunday my husband, Ryan, celebrated his thirty-second birthday! We were at the cabin for the weekend with family. The family included, Grandpa Chevrier, Nana Chevrier, Auntie Rachelle, Papa Anderson, Grammie Anderson, GG, Papa John, cousin Austin, cousin Timmy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Jeff, cousin Macey, cousin Grace, cousin Abigail, and then our family of 5! Luckily there were two cabins! We had so much fun during the weekend! The older girls helped out with the kids and we were able to actually have conversations. We went boating, on the wave runners, to the park, and to the sand bar. Aunt Kathy did crafts with the kids and they all just loved spending time together.
I want to tell you about my wonderful husband! He is one of the kindest and genuine people you will ever meet. What you see is truly what you get. He is a servant at heart to the people around him and truly cares about others and doesn't worry about what people think.
He is an awesome dad. Ryan always is willing to help out with the kids. He loves being with the kids and likes taking them on adventures. Ryan is never afraid to take them all by himself. He will take all three of them out to eat by himself or for the weekend by himself. God blessed us with three beautiful children in a very short time frame. I know if I didn't have Ryan by my side helping and encouraging me all the way I might have gone crazy. Ryan is the biggest encourager to me in my life. He is my cheerleader and gives me confidence to get through the day. He is very sensitive to my needs of needing a break from the kids.
Ryan is a man who loves God. I can say after being married to him for 9 years he is a truthful man and one who sticks to his word. Ryan shows Christ through his servant heart. I see Christ in him daily as he serves me.
I love you Ryan and am so thankful for you and all your hard work. Thank you for being an awesome husband and father!