Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Family!

Avielle created this picture of our family!  Isn't it sweet?  So as I was looking at our little family my eyes obviously went to the hair colors.  Wow, I never imagined that I would have birthed 2 redheads!!!!  I love the various colors God gave my kiddos!  I love my beautiful blondie and spunky redheads! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bear Bear!

Avi and Anderson are officially 5 1/2 years old!!!!! Man they need to stop growing! I am just loving the age of 5. They are just like little people. You can really reason with them and they laugh at jokes that they finally understand! They also are making up their own jokes. They are more helpful around the house and they seem to appreciate me more!

They recently had homework, which they were to read a book and then I documented the activities we did with the book. I was able to spend individual time with each of them, while Chevy took care of the other two. They enjoyed their special alone time with mommy, that doesn't happen very often! So, one of the activities we talked about was their favorite part of the book.

On the way to school today I hear them talking in the back of the mini (I like to call it the mini, it sounds cooler than a minivan!) and asking each other what their favorite part of the book was. I just ate up every word they said as they had a little "Book Club" discussion about their book!
In this picture you see their most prized and loved possessions, their BEARS! They have had these since birth. Their cousin Jenna gave them as a gift. She had their names written on them and the date of their birth. My kids do not go to bed without these bears still to this day. In the picture they are snuggled up together with their bears as they watch a cartoon together.

I know that Avi and Anderson are not biological twins, but they sure do have such a strong bond with each other and a respect for each other.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MOPS Easter Egg Hunt

I just love MOPS!!!!! It meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the week. It is one of my highlights of the week. We hear great speakers and do fun crafts. I also just love the women at my table. I had them all over for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

Here are all the kiddos!
They had some chicken nuggets and fruit.

Ellie and Henry

Finn, Jacob, Addison, and Zach


Avielle and Bella


Here are all the kids waiting to go find the eggs outside.

They are on the hunt!

Zach checking out his finds!

It was a fun day! Thanks ladies!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gymnastics and a Visit from Nana and Grandpa!

The girls have been doing gymnastics for the last 10 weeks. They have so enjoyed each session and there was always a count down until the next lesson. We tried a new gym this time and we were extremely pleased with the experience! Both Avi and Ellie had male coaches that they just loved and learned a lot. Coach Brent always made Ellie laugh!

Here is Ellie jumping into the pit!
Here is Bella and Avi on the beam! I didn't get great pictures, because the lighting wasn't so good.

Here is Avi and Isabella.

There is a watching area at the top of the gym. It is a nice social hour for me! :) Anderson brings his DS and I get to actually talk to others! SWEET! Here is my little buddy Brooke. We just love to snuggle together!

The last gymnastics class Chevy was able to come and see the girls. Here is Avi and her daddy!

It was so fun to have all these girlies together in their classes! The Domiers and our neighbors the Mazzolas were all together. The three oldest girls: Avielle, Bella, and Isabella were all in a class together. Ellie, Brynn, and Daniella were all in a class together!

Nana and Grandpa were also able to come to the girls last gymnastic class.

We spent to rest of the weekend doing fun activities with Nana and Grandpa. They took the kids mini golfing and out for ice cream. Of coarse they had their sleepover in the basement with all three. Chevy and I were able to go out for a date night!

Here Avi and Nana are sewing hearts and a teddy bear. Avi is such my craft girl!

Anderson wanted everyone to wach him play his DS!

Nana and Grandpa got the kids Easter presents!

Ellie just loved that she got suckers!

The girls!

It was a fun weekend!