Saturday, May 28, 2011


I was inspired to do this fun activity from Ms. Gates, a wonderful teacher who taught 1st grade at NSCA. I taught 2nd grade and she was a real helper and a good friend to me during my first year of teaching. Her class had a lot of fun watching the change from catepillar to butterfly and I wanted my kids to experience it.

My mother purchased the net for the kids for Christmas. She has a funny story about how hers hatched, in the box!

Avi was the most excited about the butterflies!
Here they are in the Chrysalis stage.

We let their wings dry for about a week and then we let them free.

I thought that Avi would have a hard time letting go of the butterflies, but she did really good.

Avi did her hair that day! :)

So beautiful!

We let them go on this picture perfect day! It was sunny and warm. While I was admiring the beauty outside I realized there were a lot of birds flying all around us. I then thought what if one of these birds sees the butterflies and wants a snack! We let all 4 of them go and followed them around for a while and then I decided to get the girls inside before we saw our beautiful butterflies become a snack. Thankfully we didn't see them get eaten!

After I shared this story with a friend she told me that most butterflies only live 10 minutes after they are released! YIKES!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Penny!




Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surprise Visit

Last week, Nana came in for a surprise visit. Chevy and I knew she was coming, but we didn't tell the kids. Nana took the train from Michigan and ended up getting into Chicago at 2:00 in the morning. Chevy went and picked her up at Union Station. In the morning, the kids were all eating their breakfast and Nana came up the stairs and they were in shock! They truly love their Nana and were so excited to see her! Even Niesha, our dog, was excited!

Nana treated the kids to ice cream from the ice cream man!

They loved it!

We had a great time with Nana! She is always a big help! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day 1/2 Marathon

The first weekend of May was my 1/2 marathon! I have been training for it since January with my running buddies Kelli and Theresa. This is my second half marathon. My last one was in the fall and this one was in the spring. I do prefer the spring. I like running in the cooler weather, rather than in the heat of summer.

This was both Kelli and Theresa's first 1/2 marathon. Kelli started running last year and Theresa just started in January! I know AMAZING!

Before the race Kelli and I had our kids make posters and we made our kids each shirts. I know kind of pathetic, because shouldn't the husbands do that? HA! Kelli and I have more time on our hands!

Here is Kelli getting the shirts ready.

I made this one for Avielle. I love that now when she runs she always shouts out "Run Like the Wind!" :) I think one day Avi will be a runner. She is so fast!

This shirt is for Ellie. I think she is my biggest fan as she is very attached to me! My other two are also attached to me, but not like Ellie!!!!!!

This shirt belongs to Anderson! The day of the race they predicted rain. The night before the race at 9:00 at night Ryan and I went to Walmart and got the kids rain jackets. Anderson wore this shirt over his raincoat!

The night before the race we went out and celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory. I chose a spaghetti dish to get all the carbs and starch in my body. We didn't eat any dessert as Theresa heard that fat can make you run slower when eaten the night before. BUMMER!

Me, Kelli, and Theresa

Here are our muscles!

We thought that the race day would bring rain, but it never RAINED, but it was quite chilly as the temperature was dropping throughout the race. Here is Kelli and I waving to Chevy, my parents, my sister Jamie, my nephew Kadean, and my kiddos.

Here is Ellie bundled up and quite cold! Ellie breaks out in hives when she is in the cold. Her poor face is red and has hives.

Anderson is in my dad's raincoat!

Avi all bundled up! They were quite troopers with how cold it was!

Me after the race. I got the time of 2 hours 14 min! I was very happy and felt so good during the race!

My nephew Kadean all bundled up for the race. After the race we went to Crackle Barrel with my family and Kelli's family. It was such a fun day and a big accomplishment. Now I haven't run in two weeks and really want to get back to running again. Now on to another race! HA!!!!!!

Anderson's Ride

I wanted to share Anderson's big accomplishment! He is riding his bike without training wheels. Anderson is a very determined little guy. He was bugging us all day for his dad to teach him to ride without training wheels. I thought to myself, teaching him to master this is going to be painful from all the falling and a difficult process. I also thought that he is only 4 1/2 and should be older. Chevy taught him in a matter of hours! I guess I was wrong!

You can see him in action in the below youtube video. I'm so sorry for my annoying loud voice!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Mother's Day Gift!

My husband is a really good gift giver and a good listener! I have always wanted rocking chairs from Crackle Barrel for our front porch. After my race last weekend we were at Crackle Barrel and they had them for half off!
Seats for the whole family!

I got my mom one of these plant holders for Mother's Day and I had it on my front porch to give to her and then I thought I would like one for myself. Chevy surprised me and got me one.

Our front tree is flowering and it is just a beautiful front porch. I hope that this summer I will get to use it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Itching To Garden!

Here in the Midwest we haven't had the most warm spring. They have actually said that 2011 is one of the coldest spring weather we have had in a long time. That being said, I'm am just itching for warm weather and to get my hands planting!
The other weekend I let the kids get in my garden full of beautiful dirt and weeds. I let them get their shovels and rakes and just let them play. My Avi just loves playing in the dirt and finding worms and sticks. The dirt is beautiful! It is soft and light from last year.

IIt looks like we are in for warmer weather this week, though there might be some chances of showers. Now my next wish is for a lot of uninterrupted time working in the garden! HA!

Isn't she precious?????

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anderson's Show and Tell

At Preschool Avi and Anderson were Star Students of the week. They wore their favorite outfit, brought a show-and-tell, showed their "All About Me" board, brought a favorite book, and a favorite snack. For Anderson's show-and-tell he brought his cups, and showed how to build a tower and take it down quickly. He got this great idea from Extreme Home Makeover after seeing another boy do this.