Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st Haircut and Fun with Friends!

Our little Ellie got her first haircut on Friday and Avielle got her second haircut. We went to the mall and went to one of those fancy haircut places. My sister's friend Kelly works there and she did such a good job on Ellie's friend, Brynn's hair we had to get her first haircut done by Kelly.
As you can see, she is sitting in a car and waiting a DVD that she picked out, Elmo's World. She didn't cry or even move!!!!
The day turned out really well and such a surprise! I love days when you aren't sure exactly what is going to take place and then you get a call from a friend and then plans get set in place and everyone is going to the mall and I'm able to get the kids haircut!!!! It was so fun to see all our friends and have such a fun Friday with them!

A quick blow dry that Ellie seemed to not be bothered by!

Bye to the MULLET!

Here are our friends watching intensely!

Getting ready for the cut!

Miss Kelly is putting a braid in her hair!

Avielle had about 3 inches taken off. She looks so old to me with her short hair!!!!

We had a fun filled lunch with the Burn's, McMahon's, and Domier's.
Vince and Josh were able to join us for our lunch!

Avi and Bella cruising with their movie star glasses!

Mackenzie and Anderson playing while eating their suckers!

Cute baby Stephanie chilling in her car seat while the kiddos play!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Face Plant!!!!!

My youngest daughter, Ellie is 19 months and she decided last week that she wanted to venture out into the snow. Previously, she wanted nothing to do with the snow when her brother and sister would play outside. She would stay in the cozy house and draw pictures at the table while I watched from the window and the kids made their fun snow castles.
To say the least Ellie's first time in the snow was not a fun experience. She was only out there for about 5 minutes when she turned for a picture and then fell and made a face plant in the snow. Of coarse, I kept snapping some picture and then ran to the rescue to save her. Lets just say after that we went inside!!!!

Snow Castles!

These buckets are good for the summer and the winter!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Job!

Last year my husband started a tax center, called Tax Centers of America. Chevy has his CPA and worked as an accountant for many years and is currently a recruiter for finance and accounting.
My husband is such an entrepreneur! He loves change and new challenges. Me on the other hand, does not really like change and the unknown. If we had it my husbands way he would be in the FBI right now and we would be living in Tennessee. I like to be close to family and really don't want to leave Illinois and the FBI, well it just scares me with all the moving.
Any way, my husband opened a tax office last year in Hainseville, IL. I get to run it once a week. I just love running the office, because it is different from my normal routine with the kids. I get to sit at a desk all day and actually eat my lunch in peace! My kind mother watches the kids. My kids love staying with her, except Ellie who is joined to my hip!
If you are in the area and looking for an accountant, my husband would be glad to help. He is offering $50.00 tax returns.
I just had to put a little plug in for my husband! I'm so proud of his hard work!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Red Heads?!?!

I get two common questions when I am out and about with the three kids. One question I usually receive, "Are they twins?" If I'm in a rush I say, "Yes," but if it is someone that I will have a long conversation with I tell them their special story of how they are five days apart and God placed them together. I never want anyone to ever think that I'm tired of telling their story, because I'm definitely not! I witnessed and got be be apart of a miracle and I want to tell everyone of God's faithfulness and He hears all of our cries and knows our heart!
The other question I get, "Does your husband have red hair?" Or "Where does the red hair come from?" Yes, my two biological children have red hair and to be completely honest I never thought that I would have a redhead! When I was dreaming about our son I thought that he would either have dark hair like his daddy, blond hair like his mommy or brown hair. As you can see from our picture above my husband has dark black hair and I dye my hair. The day my son was born I couldn't believe the color of his hair. We did Invitro with our son, so I must admit that I thought they switched my egg with someone else and that is why he had redhair. Which I know that is so not true, but I'm just being honest with what I was thinking at that time, because I was so shocked!
Our youngest daughter was also born with red hair and then I realized my husband and I have a very similar gene, we can both make beautiful redheads! " For Christmas my mother-in-law got me this adorable book called, Little Redheads Across America. It has pictures of redheads from every state. I have already e-maiedl the author of the book to see if my two little redheads could have their picture in the next book or on her site.
I love the page on, "How Did You Get Your Red Hair?" The gene comes from the grandparents. It is funny that both Chevy and I don't have any redheaded relatives, except my cousins daughter, so it must skip generations. I must tell you that both my grandma and Ryan's grandma prayed for a redhead. There prayers were answered and I just love that they have red hair.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monkey Sickness!

On Thursday, we went to Monkey Joe's with my cousins and their daughters. The kids had a blast running around and I've come to the conclusion, my little Ellie has no fear!!!!!! She is 19 months and she wanted to go up and down the huge slides. I couldn't believe it!!!! I was exhausted from chasing her and actually broke a sweat! The kids were able to play with their cousin Kaylin, who they have a lot of fun!
So, I'm not blaming Monkey Joes's, but after we had a delightful time there my son woke up throwing up all night. I believe he had the 12 hour stomach flu. I don't know if you run into this dilemma, but I go crazy being home and not having outings, but I also don't want the kids to get sick when we go out in public. So, when we do go out in public I just pray and hand sanitize!
My little son was great being sick. He is definitely tough. Then I realize this sickness might go through the whole family! Avi got it Saturday night and I also caught this wonderful sickness that night. I was miserable!!!!! Thankfully it was only 12 hours and I'm praying that Ryan and Ellie don't get it! I must admit my kids were tougher than me!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Teaching Day!

On Monday, I became a teacher again. Avi and Anderson were my students and little Ellie went to the nursery for the day. I have 6 boys and 1 girl in my morining class, including my kids, and their ages are ranging from 3-6. My two kids are the youngest. In the afternoon, I just have the three older boys and my two. The kids were so well behaved and all played nicely with each other. I must admit that my son was the child who most misbehaved! I know sad!!!!! I'm praying that next time he will be a better listener and want to participate in the activities that we do in class.
The day was centered around the letter "J." We practiced writing our "J," finding words that start with "J," eating Jello, having jellybean relay races, and drawing pictures of our favorite part of January. For math we focused on shapes and had centers where they had shape activities. I thought that I had over planned for the whole day, but we accomplished everything I had planned, which was perfect. The above picture is of Anderson and Avielle on our trip home from school. Yes, they fell right to sleep. Sorry I was so busy during the day that I didn't get to take any pictures of the kiddos.
Ellie did pretty good in her class. The teacher said that she has fallen in love with Ellie, which I knew would happen, because she is such a sweetie! She said that she had her moments of tears, but would get over them and go back playing. The teacher said she had her two favorite blankets out and fell asleep on the floor while the other children were playing!
It was nice when we got home it was 5:00 and Chevy got home from work at 5:45. He cooked dinner for us as the kids and I relaxed. Then I went to my Body Fusion class, which is really relaxing! It was a long day, but it was fun!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Tomorrow is the BIG day! Yes, I am going to be a teacher again. In the past life, before kiddos, I was a 2nd grade teacher. I recently received a call about teaching at a school that only meets twice a week. It is a Classical Christian School where teachers teach on Monday and then parent's home school during the week. On Thursday there are enrichment classes offered. I'm impressed by the structure of the program. They have graders that come in on Monday's and grade the students papers from the week they were home schooled. There is a guidance counselor for the high school students who help with transcripts, ACTS, scholarships, etc.
You might be asking what am I teaching??? I am going to be teaching ages 3-6! I'm privileged to have my two three year old with me. The other day my daughter told me that she is not going to be calling me mommy in class, but she will call me either teacher or Mrs. Chevrier. I thought that was really cute. I told her that she can call me mommy!

Here are the bins of materials that I'm bringing with me for the day. It is a long day lasting from 8:00-3:45. I think I over planned, but we will see. I know my kids have a really short attention span.
So, my babies are going off to school and I get to be their teacher, which is perfect for a person who is a control freak!!!!! Yes, that is me, when it comes to my kids. Our little Ellie will be in the nursery class for the day. I'm praying that she will do well. Just today in church nursery she had a hard time and that was only for an hour and a half! Please pray for her, that is one of my biggest worries that she will do well.
I'm off to bed and not looking forward to getting up at 5:45 and getting the kids out of the door by 7:00. Though I'm excited about tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great Deals

Yes, I am writing about this great deal that I got at Gymboree. I know pathetic, but I like good deals and I love Gymboree, but only for my girls. I actually think that some of the boy stuff isn't so cute. Now I'm not saying that all the of the boy clothing is bad, but I prefer H'n'M or Gap for my little man!
When we were in Michigan Ryan and I were on our date night and we were at the mall getting my jeans hemmed. While we were there we passed by Gymboree and I just pleaded Ryan to go in. Being the nice husband that he is we went in and boy I'm I glad we did. They were having a huge sale! On a side note, kids clothing has become more fun for me than my own clothing! Is there something wrong with me? Though I must say that I'm not a big shopper, because who wants to lug around three small children? So I don't get out much to the mall and when I do I would rather go into the kids clothing department than my own. The clothing always fits them when you take it off the hanger and it is less expensive than I could buy for myself!
So I just had to share the things I got from Gymboree at such a great price. I just couldn't pass 99 cent shirts. Isn't that quite amazing for Gymboree?

Here are some 99 cent tanks for my little man. They are cute for Gymboree!

This shirt is $2.99 and I believe the shorts are 3.99. I know when I was a kid I loved recess. Though my oldest, who is 3, doesn't even know what recess is!

The sandals cost $7.99 which is probably not a big savings, but aren't they just so cute?

Okay, this tank top cost 99 cents and the shorts cost $2.99!

I got this dress for both my two girls and it cost $4.99! I absolutely love matching them so for $10.00 I am able to match them!

I got this dress for my oldest and it to cost $4.99
What stores do you like to shop at for your kiddos?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Michigan Christmas

The Saturday after Christmas we headed out for our 6 hour drive to Michigan, but on this trip we went through a snow storm. Unfortunately, it took us more like 8 hours to get there. The best time to travel for us in leaving later around 5:00 pm it breaks up the trip by stopping to eat dinner and then by 9:00 the kids are usually all asleep. It has become our tradition to stop at Culver's on our way for dinner. We have managed to go every year since the oldest two were 3 months old. The Culver's in Indiana is so nicely decorated for Christmas. The above picture is of the girls and I at Culver's. The travel went pretty good for the most part. I just must say thank goodness for TV! :)

Here is Nana and Grandpa with their grandchildren on our Christmas morning!

This is Chevy and Anderson reading the Christmas story from the Bible.

Here are all the big kiddos and little ones! Ellie is sitting on his Auntie Rachelle's lap and Avielle is sitting on her Auntie Renee's lap! Nana dressed me and the little girls in penguin pajamas. Aren't they cute?

Auntie Renee holding Avielle for a picture.

This was our present to Nana! It is pictures of the kids in their hats that I took with my new camera!

Avielle opening her gift from Auntie Renee. It is a leotard for gymnastics!

These are now Chevy's favorite pair of pajama pants. Yes, that is the Red Wings symbol. When he comes home from work, he is almost always in them!

Anderson with his new sword!

Auntie Renee got Anderson a soccer outfit. Chevy is short for our last name, Chevrier!

We spent time at the mall and then we went to Jeepers on Wednesday. The kids had fun, but man it was a mad house there! I wouldn't wish that on anyone! I actually felt sorry for the workers there.

We had a nice relaxing time. Here are the girls watching their favorite show, "Piggy Toes!"