Monday, February 27, 2012


The other day I put curlers in my hair and the girls asked to have them in their hair. Thankfully I had enough for both heads!!!! :) The girls went to bed great with them. I thought we would receive a complaint about how hard they are to sleep in them, but the girls went right to bed. I was awaken by Ellie in the morning. She was holding all of her curlers as she told me they all fell out! Bummer!!!! Maybe when her hair gets a little longer we will try again. Avi's curlers stayed in and she had some curly hair in the morning. She wanted her curls in a ponytail and she bounced around all day!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Day!

This morning we woke up to 7 inches of snow and all the schools near by were cancelled. When I was a teacher, I would be so happy for free days, but now as a parent it makes for a LONG day! Ha!

When you have a snow day you need to go outside and enjoy it! Right?!? Well, here is a pic of all 4 kiddos getting their gear on to go outside. In order to start this process I drank 2 cups of coffee! Thankfully the older 2 can dress themselves!

Here is Penny all bundled up!
We got our sleds and headed out to our backyard.


Here they are all together! We survived outside and headed inside for hot chocolate.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance/ Mommy Son Date

I love these two!!!! It is very obvious that these two love each other. As I was looking through these pictures I thought of the song: Sister from White Christmas. The lyrics are so cute!

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters: never had to chaperone no sir, I'm there to keep my eye on her.

Caring sharing, every little thing that we are wearing, when a certain gentlemen arrived from Rome, she wore the dress and I stayed home;
All kinds of weather, we stick together the same in the rain or sun, two different faces but in tight places, we think and we act as one.

Those who've seen us, know that not a thing can come between us.

Many men have tried to split us up but no one can.

Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister! and Lord help the sister, who comes between me and my men.

I don't like the last line!!!! My prayer for them is that they will always be close.

The weekend before Valentine's Day was Daddy Daugher Dance. Our good friend the Domier's invited Chevy and the girls to join them. Here the girls got all dressed up. I curled their hair and painted their nails for the special night. Chevy also got dressed up!

Anderson and Mommy had something special planned that night. We had a double date with the Strahn boys. We had to get a picture together!

Chevy came to the door with flowers for the girls!

They were off for the dance. I didn't get any pictures of while they were there, but the girls came home saying they had a fun time with their daddy! I'm so happy that the girls have Chevy to show them a real gentlemen and a good example of a man who loves the Lord.

Here are the boys: Anderson, Zach, and Jacob! Elizabeth, there mommy, and I took the three boys to Panera to eat. This is such a treat to Anderson to just be around boys. The only time he is really around boys is with his cousins. After Panera we took the boys to a cute little 50's dinner to have some ice cream. Then we headed back to our house for the boys to run around and play.

Anderson and Jacob!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day

Tuesday was Valentine's Day. The kids were way excited about the day, so I decided that I was going to make it extra special! In the above picture I took Penny and Ellie to Aldi's to make a nice dinner for the night. Avi and Anderson were on a play date with a classmate, so it was perfect to just take the two of them out to run some errands. They had a lot of fun together!
The kids made chocolate covered strawberries. My parents came over to give the kids their Valentine's presents. My dad was so sweet and he gave me a Brighton bracelet and a Valentine's card. My dad isn't one for words, but shows his love through actions. The card was hand written and meant so much to me. My love language is words and time. It brings me tears in how special it was to receive this from my daddy. Thanks Dad!

We got the kids "Wuzzle Pets!" Yes, they saw a commercial on "Wuzzle Pets" and have been asking for them. Then we had a nice chicken dinner with rice. A new recipe I got out of the MOPS cookbook.

Then I planned some games with the kids. Here they had to match the hearts together.

The kids made their Valentine shoe boxes before Valentine's Day. I was so sick the day they made them so Chevy helped put them together! They just loved looking through all the cards they got that day!

Then we played "Love Buckets!"

Even Chevy joined in on the fun!

I picked up this ice cream cake that we all enjoyed eating along with our chocolate covered strawberries.

I cleaned up the dishes and Chevy helped make the "Wuzzle Pets." He is such an amazing man, who really loves his kids. :)

It was a fun family Valentine's night that I will always remember!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Princess and Soldier 5 Year Old Birthday Party

I know that it is February, but I just realized that I never posted pictures of Avi and Anderson's 5th Birthday! I truly can't believe that they are 5 years old! Actually they are almost 5 1/2! YIKES!
I need to also throw in a picture of Ellie! Man, I'm really missing warm days outside!

So, back to the party. The theme this year was princesses and army men. In the above picture Nana and Avi are putting the salad together for lunch. We actually used all the vegetables in the salad from my garden!

Each of the girls received a handmade tutu with a wand and crown. My mom came up with this great idea!

The girls had their party downstairs.

Even the babies had their little throne!

Ellie and Avielle with their Grammie.

Here Avielle and Ellie are picking where they would like to sit.

Then there was the army party!!!!

We ordered white cupcakes and then put the army men on ourselves and sprinkled green.

Chevy got his creative juices together and came up with an obstacle coarse for the boys. They had to shoot paint balls at these targets.

Then he got out the ladder and the boys had a blast!

We rented a bouncy from our neighbor, who owns Bella's Bouncies.

The girls came in their fancy princess dresses. The first game we played was army men save the princesses.

Thankfully the ran held off during the party.

The girls changed out of their dresses and wore their tutus.

Here is Princess Molly!

Princess Katie in her boots!

Chevy and Nana put army paint on the boys. Here is Anderson and Luke in their army gear.

Every year that I have planned the kids birthday party, the day of the party it rains. Well, I thought that I would plan the kids birthday party in September and plan the party in a week, because the forecast called for no rain. Well, it did rain that day! Though it rained only for a little while, we were still able to have the party outside. It was a fun day!