Friday, July 24, 2009


Avi and Anderson have started talking about God more. I just wanted to share some of the sweet things they have been saying. The other day we were in the car coming home from church and Avi was being "Chatty Cathy." She was just talking away which surprises most people because she is usually quiet when she is around others. I promise at home she talks a lot. Ryan and I hear her saying, "God can you grab me some of the leaves on top of the tree?" Then she paused and said, "Yes, or No." Then she came to the conclusion, "Maybe tomorrow." I just loved that and thought how God just gave a chuckle at how cute Avi is.
Today Avi was in the bathtub and she turned to Ellie and said, "Where is Ellie? Is she up in the sky with Jesus?" It is so funny to hear what comes out of their mouths.
Also today we went to a free outside concert in Round Lake, and Anderson turned to Avi and said, "You know what Avi? God lives in my heart." It just melted my heart to hear him say this. I asked him again where Jesus lives and he told me he lives in Michigan. I know Ryan calls Michigan the promise land but come on!!!!!!!
One last thing, Anderson told me today that he just loved the juggler and that when he grows up he wants to be a juggler!
"The Joys of Being a Mom!"

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