Saturday, May 28, 2011


I was inspired to do this fun activity from Ms. Gates, a wonderful teacher who taught 1st grade at NSCA. I taught 2nd grade and she was a real helper and a good friend to me during my first year of teaching. Her class had a lot of fun watching the change from catepillar to butterfly and I wanted my kids to experience it.

My mother purchased the net for the kids for Christmas. She has a funny story about how hers hatched, in the box!

Avi was the most excited about the butterflies!
Here they are in the Chrysalis stage.

We let their wings dry for about a week and then we let them free.

I thought that Avi would have a hard time letting go of the butterflies, but she did really good.

Avi did her hair that day! :)

So beautiful!

We let them go on this picture perfect day! It was sunny and warm. While I was admiring the beauty outside I realized there were a lot of birds flying all around us. I then thought what if one of these birds sees the butterflies and wants a snack! We let all 4 of them go and followed them around for a while and then I decided to get the girls inside before we saw our beautiful butterflies become a snack. Thankfully we didn't see them get eaten!

After I shared this story with a friend she told me that most butterflies only live 10 minutes after they are released! YIKES!

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