Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day 1/2 Marathon

The first weekend of May was my 1/2 marathon! I have been training for it since January with my running buddies Kelli and Theresa. This is my second half marathon. My last one was in the fall and this one was in the spring. I do prefer the spring. I like running in the cooler weather, rather than in the heat of summer.

This was both Kelli and Theresa's first 1/2 marathon. Kelli started running last year and Theresa just started in January! I know AMAZING!

Before the race Kelli and I had our kids make posters and we made our kids each shirts. I know kind of pathetic, because shouldn't the husbands do that? HA! Kelli and I have more time on our hands!

Here is Kelli getting the shirts ready.

I made this one for Avielle. I love that now when she runs she always shouts out "Run Like the Wind!" :) I think one day Avi will be a runner. She is so fast!

This shirt is for Ellie. I think she is my biggest fan as she is very attached to me! My other two are also attached to me, but not like Ellie!!!!!!

This shirt belongs to Anderson! The day of the race they predicted rain. The night before the race at 9:00 at night Ryan and I went to Walmart and got the kids rain jackets. Anderson wore this shirt over his raincoat!

The night before the race we went out and celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory. I chose a spaghetti dish to get all the carbs and starch in my body. We didn't eat any dessert as Theresa heard that fat can make you run slower when eaten the night before. BUMMER!

Me, Kelli, and Theresa

Here are our muscles!

We thought that the race day would bring rain, but it never RAINED, but it was quite chilly as the temperature was dropping throughout the race. Here is Kelli and I waving to Chevy, my parents, my sister Jamie, my nephew Kadean, and my kiddos.

Here is Ellie bundled up and quite cold! Ellie breaks out in hives when she is in the cold. Her poor face is red and has hives.

Anderson is in my dad's raincoat!

Avi all bundled up! They were quite troopers with how cold it was!

Me after the race. I got the time of 2 hours 14 min! I was very happy and felt so good during the race!

My nephew Kadean all bundled up for the race. After the race we went to Crackle Barrel with my family and Kelli's family. It was such a fun day and a big accomplishment. Now I haven't run in two weeks and really want to get back to running again. Now on to another race! HA!!!!!!

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  1. That is such an awesome accomplishment!!!! Can't ever imagine running that far! Congrats!