Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Answer!

Here is the answer to why I had this terrified look on my face, from my last post! Good guesses Meeghan, Elizabeth, and Theresa! This slide was super high and Ellie went up to the top and wouldn't come down. Then I went up to get her and it was too hard to go back down the stairs so I took her kicking and screaming to the edge of the slide and then I freaked from looking down the slide. We went and I was terrified! This slide usually has water rushing down it and I can't imagine how fast you would slide!
Here is Anderson going down!

Avi and Anderson just loved it!

Anderson and his neighbor buddy Dylon!

Our neighbor had a fundraiser for Breast Cancer, it is called Alice Mazzola Foundation in honor of his mother. Each year they have a cook out with silent auctions and fun activities for the whole family. He also owns Bella Bouncies and we get to play in all the bouncies.

Daniella and Riley

We had a fun family day together!

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