Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ellie's 3rd Birthday Party

I'm so sorry I have been behind on my posts. It has been a busy summer filled with long nights. The poor kids have been up for the last 5 nights until almost 10:00! Today I'm hoping they each take a nap to make up for less and much needed sleep.

So here is a post about Miss Ellie's Birthday. I know her birthday was at the beginning of June, but I wanted to share the two special birthday celebrations we had for her! :)

For the actual day of her birthday we spent the weekend at Chevy's parents in Michigan. Nana and Grandpa had a very special cake for Ellie made by Auntie Renee's boyfriend, Nate's, mother. Ellie just loves Strawberry Shortcake and that is what she asked for her b-day. Isn't it such a sweet cake?

Ellie got to keep the doll in the middle.

Here is precious Avielle eating her cupcake!

We had a fun weekend with the family and a fun celebration for Ellie. Thanks Nana, Grandpa, Auntie Renee, Mr. Nate, Auntie Rachelle, and Mr. Matt!

I can't believe my little one is 3! I took her for her 3 year old appointment and she is between 10%-15% in height! I think she is going to be short like her mommy! Ha! The doctor was amazed at her vocabulary and all the songs she sang! She really had a fun time at her appointment and I think she was enjoying just mommy and her time! The 4 shots didn't even affect her!?!

The 2nd party we had towards the end of June at my parent's house for a swim party. Ellie had a second amazing cake made by my friend, Esther. If you want to see her site on Facebook it is called Essie's Sweets. It was truly an amazing cake and the talk of the party!

We did the Strawberry Shortcake theme.

I took my strawberry hanging baskets out of my garden and used them as center pieces.

We did water bottles filled with little treats as their goody bags.

Ellie was so excited about her cake! Here she is in her strawberry outfit.

My mom bought all the cousins matching strawberry outfits. We are missing Katie Mae for the picture!

We served pizza and salad.

Aunt Jamie, Aunt Jenny, and Penny

After dinner we went for a swim! Here is Chevy and Ellie

Me and my sweeties!

For her birthday a group of friends went in on a piano!!!!!

Of coarse lots of hugs at the end! What a great Birthday party!

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