Thursday, March 8, 2012

How Old Is She?????

I need to admit something! Yes, I allowed my 3 1/2 year old to use a pacifier at nap time and night time! That feels a little better to get that off my chest! I know the thoughts that are running through your mind! Wow, that mom doesn't have will power?!?! Well, you are right, but in my defense how many of you know of a mother who had 3 children in 19 months and just wanted them to go to bed without a fight?

My Ellie just loves sleeping. She would beg to go to sleep for her naps and would go to bed anywhere! I think one of the reasons she loved bed was because she got to have her pacifier. She would nap around 3 hours a day and then she didn't put up a fight about going to bed at night. I know a dream come true!!!! So, maybe now you can see why I didn't want to give up the pacifier.

I took Ellie to the dentist the first time and he asked me right away, "Does she suck her thumb?" Then I had to explain how my 3 1/2 year old still uses a pacifier. I know embarrassing! He told me we needed to get rid of it! So that prompted the "Pacifier Fairy" to come!

So, we talked to Ellie and told her if she gives up her pacifiers, the "Pacifier Fairy" would come give her a present. So, my Ellie is very girlie when it comes to dressing up. I picked these two things out for her.
I put them outside her door. I also put coins in a bag for her. I think she liked the coins the best! Go figure!!!!
So, how is it going? It is going alright! She hasn't had the pacifier for about two weeks. That means she hasn't had a nap in two weeks. Yes, Ellie has given up her naps. :( It makes for a very long day and a cranky child by dinner time. But, I guess it was time.


  1. my 2 1/2 year old still has her binky at nap and night. I honestly not think its worth the lack of sleep to fight her on it. She is just one of those kids that gets so much comfort from it.

  2. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she also still uses a "paci". She cannot live without it! She uses one at nap time/ bed time and sometimes just whenever she wants it! My plan is to try weening her off it when she is 3, I think that's a good age. My personal opinion is that it's a comfort thing, which is extremely important for a developing child. If it doesn't bother me, and makes my child happy and content then why should I care what anyone else thinks?