Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why Daylight Savings????

It is that time of the year again for daylight savings. Now, I did a little research on why we have daylight savings and the reasons for it.
-saves energy
-fewer violent crimes
-fewer traffic accidents
-safer for trick-or-treaters
-increased voter turnout (REALLY?!?!?!)
-farmers have more daylight
-people like it (Not this Mama!)
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Those are the reason we have daylight savings?!?!?!
The reason I am so passionate about this subject, is because I am a mom with small children. How am I able to explain to my child that no it is not time to eat, you need to wait an hour than you are used to? Or I know you are not really tired for your nap, but the clocks says it is time?
Clear and simple, daylight savings does not work with young children and I think we should stop this daylight savings.

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