Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gymnastics and a Visit from Nana and Grandpa!

The girls have been doing gymnastics for the last 10 weeks. They have so enjoyed each session and there was always a count down until the next lesson. We tried a new gym this time and we were extremely pleased with the experience! Both Avi and Ellie had male coaches that they just loved and learned a lot. Coach Brent always made Ellie laugh!

Here is Ellie jumping into the pit!
Here is Bella and Avi on the beam! I didn't get great pictures, because the lighting wasn't so good.

Here is Avi and Isabella.

There is a watching area at the top of the gym. It is a nice social hour for me! :) Anderson brings his DS and I get to actually talk to others! SWEET! Here is my little buddy Brooke. We just love to snuggle together!

The last gymnastics class Chevy was able to come and see the girls. Here is Avi and her daddy!

It was so fun to have all these girlies together in their classes! The Domiers and our neighbors the Mazzolas were all together. The three oldest girls: Avielle, Bella, and Isabella were all in a class together. Ellie, Brynn, and Daniella were all in a class together!

Nana and Grandpa were also able to come to the girls last gymnastic class.

We spent to rest of the weekend doing fun activities with Nana and Grandpa. They took the kids mini golfing and out for ice cream. Of coarse they had their sleepover in the basement with all three. Chevy and I were able to go out for a date night!

Here Avi and Nana are sewing hearts and a teddy bear. Avi is such my craft girl!

Anderson wanted everyone to wach him play his DS!

Nana and Grandpa got the kids Easter presents!

Ellie just loved that she got suckers!

The girls!

It was a fun weekend!

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  1. SO cute! We are big on gymnastics in our family too. :)