Sunday, May 20, 2012

Building Chicago, Box Style!

My husband has been out of town for the last 5 days!  Yes, I am surviving!  Kelli was also husbandless this weekend and we took the kids to Mitch's for dinner.  Mitch's is a regular hotdog place that we go.  I was placing my order and the cook came up and said hi to me.  He knows Chevy.  Then he proceeded to ask me where my husband was at.  I said he is on a guys golfing trip.  Then he said, "Well it is about time!  He is always here with the kids and without you.  Seems like he always has the kids."  I was quite shocked and thought that it was pretty funny.  Now, to my defensive almost any time that Chevy has the kids he takes them to Mitch's.  :)
We have kept busy and I find that sometimes doing projects is fun and pasts time quickly.  It also helps the 3 of kids not to fight!  HA!
I got this idea from a friend from Michigan, Meeghan, who posted this on Facebook.  We collected boxes, which didn't take long to accumulate and made towers with them.  We recently went to Chicago to visit our friends the Lymans.  My kids absolutely LOVE Chicago and they had so much fun telling me everything they knew about Chicago.    
Before we started the project the kids were outside in the sprinkler.  Yesterday it was super hot and that is why they are in their swim suites!!!!
Avielle made a park

Then we displayed them on our train table. We actually didn't get to all of the boxes! 
Of coarse we needed to put Uncle Jake, Aunt Shari, and Katie Grace's tower!!!!
Then the kids got out all their little figurines to populate the city!  They had a lot of fun with this project and being creative.  Thanks for the idea Meeghan!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it! We had a blast doing it. Our boxes were getting pretty squished up, so we tossed them and the kids are asking when we can do it again. It sure doesn't take long to collect boxes. Love the city!