Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday Weekend

 Wow, I haven't blogged since the end of summer.  There are just a few things going on in life!  Nothing like finding out you are pregnant, moving in with your parents and then moving into a house.  So, blogging has been on the bottom of my list and I really need to catch up!  
  I know that we are entering into February and I am sharing pictures of July, but bare with me!  Here are a few pictures from my birthday weekend in July.  We went up to the cottage in Michigan with the McMahon's and the Strahn's.  It was a couples weekend and all of our parents were so generous and kind to watch our kids that weekend.  It was truly a nice get-a-way.    
 Here is Josh and Kelli
 Elizabeth and Dan
 Here we are being crazy and tubing!  Now that I'm older tubing is just not my favorite.  I think it is hard for me not to be in control.  I went with the girls for a while and then I got off.  Ryan, then took the other two out and man he wasn't gentle.  On one of the turns Kelli and Elizabeth fell off the tube and Elizabeth's legs went straight up in the air!!!!!!  Let's just say we were all sore the next day! 
 Here Ryan and I are matching!  How does this always happen?  I think that when you are married for a while you begin to start looking like each other!  HA!
We got dressed up and had a nice dinner after a long day of boating!  Thank you the McMahon's and Strahn's for making this a special weekend.  Little did I know that in a few days I would get the biggest birthday surprise of my life that I was pregnant.  I actually found out on my birthday!!!!

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