Thursday, January 31, 2013


 This fall Anderson started soccer.  This is the first time he has ever played a team sport.  Here are all his cheerleaders!  It is amazing how different the weather is from week to week!   

Anderson has learned a lot this year.  At first he just wanted to defend and stay by the goal to kick the balls out, but by the end of the fall session he was really getting the hang of it.  If you know my past with soccer you would know that the coach told my parents that I was not cut out for this sport.  AKA I wasn't aggressive enough.  Anderson has a lot of me in  him.  We are just too nice!!!!!  Though if you know both of us when we feel comfortable we are aggressive and competitive!  So by the end of the session Anderson was more aggressive, in a nice way!  ;)
Watching these games are so funny with how short the boys attention spans are!  HA!  He will start up again with the same team this spring.  We just had a blast with the other parents.  He is on a really fun team!  

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