Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 40th Anniversary!

 In September my parents celebrated their 40th Anniversary!  My sisters and I threw them a party.  A good family friend, Esther made this beautiful cake.  

  The Anderson family is known for loving themselves some cake!  My friend Diedra made these.  The cake pops were for all the guests to take home.  
 We went with fall center pieces.  

 My sister put together a video of their life together.  It was super special!

 Here is my dad with his brothers and sister.  His brother George is not in the picture.  

 All my sisters and my parents.

 Who could forget all the grand kids?!?!!
We filled my parents car with balloons.  My dad planned a get away after the party to Lake Geneva.  So after the party they got in their car and went off to Wisconsin.  

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