Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2 Fun Christmas Parties!

Before Christmas we had two fun parties with our small group and our besties. In the above picture are all the children in our small group. The older ones all play in the basement and the three younger ones usually are asleep during the grown-up time. Left to right: Avielle, Abby, Brooklyn, Bella, Ellie, Brynn, Anderson, and Ben. It is amazing that they are all looking at the camera. Don't they all look so cute in their Christmas clothes?

Anderson tickling Abby.

The kids table. Right after the picture we changed the kids into their pajamas.


Love these two cuties!

Our second Christmas party was with our friends that we have known for over 8 years. We had the party at our house and here is the table all set.

Man we are growing! Left to right: Ellie, Katie, Avielle, Brynn, Mackenzie, Stephanie, Bella, Brooke, and our only boy Anderson.

Uncle Jake read the kids "The Night Before Christmas."

Stephanie and Brynn with their Pillow Pets.

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  1. I am new to your blog, and I noticed the beautiful picture of the red dress on your wall, where did you get it? It is so pretty!