Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Post About Christmas Cookies!

This Christmas the kids were able to decorate a lot of Christmas cookies. We decorated cookies at my mom's house, our house, and Nana's house. In the above picture we went to my mom's house with the cousins. We had a blast together and lets just say there was a lot of sugar!!!! For Christmas my mom got the girls these cute aprons.

Timmy decorating!

Just look at that cookie! I have a tummy ache from just looking at it!

Penny with her cookie that daddy made.

It was amazing, because there was order in the maddness!

Caleb and Ellie decorating.

GG and Avielle worked as a team to finish their cookies.

The finished product! Aren't they so creative??? HA!

The next three pictures are of us making cookies at home. As a Christmas gift the McMahon's gave us cookie cutters and cookie dough, already packaged. The kids had so much fun!

Now moving on to Michigan, these beauties the kids made with Nana. I was unable to take a picture of them making these cute gingerbreadmen, because Chevy's parents gave us a night away while they watched the kids.

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  1. My personal favorite cookie was the all green one made at your mom's house! Good to have you back on here:)