Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preschool Activities

Life has been busy as of late and I'm sorry that the posts seem to be less. Last week I took pictures of the doing projects. I try to do some sort of project or educational thing with the kids each day. It is definitely the teacher in me. I must be honest that not everyday I'm able to do this, but I do try, especially with the 4 year olds.
Here is our first project. We used shaving cream and I asked the kids to get messy and make their letters and make pictures! They had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting messy. It was an easy clean up with the trays.

For Christmas, Nana got the kids foam letters. I asked the 4 year olds to find and spell their names. They then glued them on paper.

I laminated a game where they need to match the upper case letters with the lower case letter

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