Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super Bowl!

Okay, the Super Bowl was almost a month ago, but I wanted to share some pictures from our annual party. Chevy and I have thrown a Super Bowl party for the last 12 years in a row. Our first was when we were in college and we first started dating. Almost every year we have had the celebration at my parent's house. One year we did have it at our house, but now with all the kiddos we moved it back to my parent's house. Most of you know they just have a great party house! Thanks Mom and Dad for opening up your house!
The year Avi and Anderson were born we decided not to have the party that year, but when the Bear's were in the Super Bowl we just had to! Unfortunately, they lost, but it was fun to watch!

The half time show the Black Eye Peas! They were pretty cool!

I think we are all watching the commercials, which is my favorite part!

Elizabeth made these adorable football brownies!

Kelli and her husband made this YUMMY cheese dip!

Barclay made a sweet ice cream cake!

Jill and her daughter.

Vince won four squares and won this coffee cup.

Here are all the men!

And all the ladies, except Andrea is not in the pic with her daughter Kelsey, because of bedtime!

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