Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ski Weekend

This time of year is extremely busy for Chevy and me! Chevy starts his tax season and well I'm just juggling the kids and school. My parents offered to take the kids for the night and we were able to have a get away! Chevy and I both enjoy skiing, so we decided to make a trip with our dear friends the McMahons, who also enjoy skiing. Well, actually Kelli loves skiing!

We started the weekend by stopping at Sport Authority. Josh wanted to get a new coat before we left, which he had already gotten last year! HA! I think he likes new things!
When we got to Gurnee Mills I realized I forgot a hat. So, we all went in to the store!
After Josh got a new coat and I got a new hat we went to Ruby Tuesday, which I love. I just love their salad bar.
We then headed to the hotel in Wisconsin and got the hot tub in and slept into 8:00 am, which we don't get to do very often. Then we headed to Devil's Head to ski.
Here is my new hat!

Kelli and I excited about skiing!

Kelli and Josh

This is Josh with his new coat! One of the coats is $150.00 and one is $15.00. Can you tell me which is which?

Here are some silly pictures of us on our way home from Wisconsin. We had an adventurous trip by almost hitting a deer. Josh almost drove away with the gas hose.


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