Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Avi's Cast Is Off

A few days before Avi got her cast off we had her friends sign the cast. I know that most people have their friends sign the cast as soon as they get the cast, but for me I just wanted to wait until the end so I didn't see all the messiness of signatures! HA!

I took all three of the kids to get her cast off. How fun right? Avi did freak out especially with the saw and seeing the blade. (I would of too!) The nurse and I held her down and the cast came off with a lot of effort. At first Avi couldn't even move her arm and it really worried me that it might be still be broken.
The nurse took us to the x-ray room and I held Avi and she again freaked because she didn't want to straighten out her elbow. She finally did and her elbow had healed and she was fine.

Here she has her left arm back. It took a few days for her to become comfortable to bend it.
So proud of her!!!!!

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