Thursday, August 11, 2011

"The Cast"

So, I used to get stopped a million times a day about my kids red hair, but now we are stopped and asked about this bright pink cast! Two weeks ago Chevy and my dad were putting up tall ladders to paint the trim of our house. I decided that it was a hot day and that I would try something new with the kids and bring out our new Slip and Slide! It took a while for the kids to learn what to do. Avi was getting the hand of it and then she decided to run across the Slip and Slide and wasn't looking and fell at the end of it right on her elbow! OUCH!

Avi tends to be a drama queen when it comes to being hurt, but I noticed she wasn't using her arm for anything. After a while of refusing to straighten it Chevy took her to the ER, which is never a good experience. They waited for a long time to be seen and after the x-ray they said that it wasn't broken and sent her home in a soft cast.

The next day was VBS. Avi really didn't want to miss it and I thought that it isn't broken so she should go. I dropped her off and she was so glad to be there. Chevy then calls me and tells me that the doctors called and they reviewed her x-ray again and there was a break in the elbow. Poor thing!

Chevy picked her up from VBS I drove to the ER to get her x-ray. She had her cast put on pretty fast and she chose the hot pink! The cast is waterproof. Can you believe it? I'm so glad she can still swim! The cast has not stopped her from doing much other than eating corn on the cob! She can't get the corn in her mouth. We have 1 1/2 weeks to go before it comes off!

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