Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Sunday and Monday!

In our town we always have trick-or-treating the Sunday before Halloween. It is nice to have it during the day from 1:00-5:00. Though on Sunday it wasn't the best weather with wind and rain. That is typical Illinois weather! In the above picture the girls are reading as they wait to go trick-or-treating.
So on Sunday we had all my sisters over, minus my parents, because they were out of town. Here are all the boy cousins in their Darth Vador costumes and Kaeden is a monster.

Here are all the princess girl cousins. (Katie, Ellie, Avielle, and Penelope)

My sister Jenny brought chili for us all to eat and these amazing cups so we could drink apple cider as we went trick-or-treating! We were way cool!

Our little MONSTER!

The kids table!

Here is our newest addition, Jonathan!

It was so fun to have all my sisters over and all the cousins just love to play and be together. It just warms my heart!

Okay, now on Monday night we went trick-or-treating over at the McMahon's house. Kelli and Josh made an amazing dinner for us all and the presentation was Martha Stewart approved! We were actually able to talk and eat while the kids played so nicely together!

2 adorable Belle's!

Ellie and Steph they both just love the candy!

Here is the whole group of kiddos: Domier girls, McMahon girls, Loeffler's. Yes, there are only two boys in this whole group!

Izzy with her sweet brother Charles Lewis.

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