Friday, February 10, 2012

Princess and Soldier 5 Year Old Birthday Party

I know that it is February, but I just realized that I never posted pictures of Avi and Anderson's 5th Birthday! I truly can't believe that they are 5 years old! Actually they are almost 5 1/2! YIKES!
I need to also throw in a picture of Ellie! Man, I'm really missing warm days outside!

So, back to the party. The theme this year was princesses and army men. In the above picture Nana and Avi are putting the salad together for lunch. We actually used all the vegetables in the salad from my garden!

Each of the girls received a handmade tutu with a wand and crown. My mom came up with this great idea!

The girls had their party downstairs.

Even the babies had their little throne!

Ellie and Avielle with their Grammie.

Here Avielle and Ellie are picking where they would like to sit.

Then there was the army party!!!!

We ordered white cupcakes and then put the army men on ourselves and sprinkled green.

Chevy got his creative juices together and came up with an obstacle coarse for the boys. They had to shoot paint balls at these targets.

Then he got out the ladder and the boys had a blast!

We rented a bouncy from our neighbor, who owns Bella's Bouncies.

The girls came in their fancy princess dresses. The first game we played was army men save the princesses.

Thankfully the ran held off during the party.

The girls changed out of their dresses and wore their tutus.

Here is Princess Molly!

Princess Katie in her boots!

Chevy and Nana put army paint on the boys. Here is Anderson and Luke in their army gear.

Every year that I have planned the kids birthday party, the day of the party it rains. Well, I thought that I would plan the kids birthday party in September and plan the party in a week, because the forecast called for no rain. Well, it did rain that day! Though it rained only for a little while, we were still able to have the party outside. It was a fun day!


  1. so cute! I love army men save the princesses. What a clever idea!

    1. Thank you Maura!! I have been following your blog over the last year! I have loved watching your family grow with three blessings!