Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day

Tuesday was Valentine's Day. The kids were way excited about the day, so I decided that I was going to make it extra special! In the above picture I took Penny and Ellie to Aldi's to make a nice dinner for the night. Avi and Anderson were on a play date with a classmate, so it was perfect to just take the two of them out to run some errands. They had a lot of fun together!
The kids made chocolate covered strawberries. My parents came over to give the kids their Valentine's presents. My dad was so sweet and he gave me a Brighton bracelet and a Valentine's card. My dad isn't one for words, but shows his love through actions. The card was hand written and meant so much to me. My love language is words and time. It brings me tears in how special it was to receive this from my daddy. Thanks Dad!

We got the kids "Wuzzle Pets!" Yes, they saw a commercial on "Wuzzle Pets" and have been asking for them. Then we had a nice chicken dinner with rice. A new recipe I got out of the MOPS cookbook.

Then I planned some games with the kids. Here they had to match the hearts together.

The kids made their Valentine shoe boxes before Valentine's Day. I was so sick the day they made them so Chevy helped put them together! They just loved looking through all the cards they got that day!

Then we played "Love Buckets!"

Even Chevy joined in on the fun!

I picked up this ice cream cake that we all enjoyed eating along with our chocolate covered strawberries.

I cleaned up the dishes and Chevy helped make the "Wuzzle Pets." He is such an amazing man, who really loves his kids. :)

It was a fun family Valentine's night that I will always remember!

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  1. Looks like it was a great night. SO funny about the wuzzle pets- we don't watch much tv - but the kids wacth cartoons on qubo sometimes and they always ask me about the "wuzzle pets" bc of the commercials- right now the new thing is the "pillow nightlights"? What did you think of the wuzzle pets :)?