Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our 2nd Good News!

Last week I shared the story of how we found out we were pregnant with our son and today I want to share the story of how we found out about our little Avi! I was pregnant with Anderson for about 3 months and we received a phone call from Ryan's Aunt Dee about a possible adoption.

When we were going through infertility we also decided to put the word out about adoption. Ryan and I have always wanted to adopt so we would welcome the opportunity.

On March of 2006 we received a phone call from Aunt Dee who lives in Florida. It was days before Easter and I was just showing and finally got past my morning sickness.

She gave me information about the birth mother. Avi's birth mother and I talked for hours and really felt a connection. It was just an ordinary day that became an extraordinary day! Ryan and the whole family were so excited about this adoption. We couldn't wait to see God's marvelous plan.

It was quite amazing that these two little ones were conceived two days apart and were born 5 days apart. I thought with the Invitro we would have twins, because they put three eggs inside me, but God had bigger and better plans.

Another verse that I liked to pray, Psam 67:1
"May God be gracious to us and bless us (with a child)
and make his face shine upon us,
that your ways may be known on earth,
your salvation among all the nations."

Thank you Lord for hearing my cries and answering my prayers so abundantly! Next week I will tell you the story of finding out that we were pregnant with our youngest.

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  1. What wonderful story! That is amazing that they are so close together.