Thursday, February 25, 2010

Third Pregnancy Story

Our last pregnancy was quite different from the other two. Actually all three ways we found out we were going to have a baby were extremely different. If you remember one was through Invitro and the other was through the birth mother telling us! So our third child we call our unexpected LOVE child. That is she was conceived through natural ways. Wow, we didn't think we could do that?

The story goes like this, our first two were 10 months old and we just moved into our new house. Life was extremely busy with the move and the two babies were walking or lets say running. Chevy had also just started a new job during this transition.

I remember Chevy coming home from work and I asked him how work was as we were bathing the kids and he told me after the first day that he wanted to quit. I told him maybe he should wait and give it some time. (A side note he should of quit that job that day, but didn't because of the new baby). Then I also told him that I might be pregnant! I had some similar feelings from when I was pregnant with our son.

I took that pregnancy test and walked away shaking. Now I have taken probably 15 pregnancy tests and they have all come out negative and I was shocked to see that it was a positive. My first reaction was to cry and Chevy immediately starting jumping up and down. He kept saying that we did it on our own!!!!!!!!

I was crying, because I had two small little ones and I had already felt guilty that with two I couldn't give them my complete attention. I also figured that the kids were going to be 19 months apart and a school year apart. All of that would be difficult.

After the complete shock, we were both extremely excited about our third child, our love child and God gave us the strength to have all three of them!!!

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