Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teaching Materials for Toddlers

I always love ideas for teaching my kids! I just wanted to share this nifty teaching tool. It is called Teach My Toddler. It is broken up in four categories for what your toddler should be exposed to and eventually learn. The categories are colors, number, shapes, and alphabet letters. It comes in this sweet organized folders and in each category it has a puzzle, book, flashcards, and a poster. The kids seem to really enjoy it. I haven't worked on it with Ellie yet.
Avi and Anderson have pretty much given up on their naps so I have them play in their rooms for a while and then I let them watch a show and then we do a little school work. I don't do this everyday since now I work two days a week, but I try to put some kind of structure during this time Ellie is asleep.
I would love to hear any ideas you have or materials you use for your kids! Please do share!

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