Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grad Girl!

Last weekend, Ryan's youngest sister, Rachelle, graduated from high school. We went to Michigan to be apart of this special moment! We are so very proud of Rachelle and all her hard work. Ryan's mom was telling me that when Ryan graduated high school Rachelle was four years old. It is funny that while we watch Rachelle graduate her niece and nephew are almost 4 years old!
I was privileged in meeting Rachelle when she was in kindergarten. That is the year I started dating my now husband. It has been so neat being able to watch her grow. When she was little we would talk Pokemon and play dog. I always loved to see her latest artwork and her latest fashion. Rachelle is so tiny, but man can she eat! When she would come visit us at our small little house I made sure to have Cartoon Network on and a refrigerator filled with food. She is easy to please! Now she is all grown up and is an adult! Rachelle I have just loved being apart of your life and am proud of the woman that you are!
The proud Dad and Mom with Rachelle

This of coarse, is Rachelle's yummy Graduation cake. The night before Rachelle's graduation party, Ryan's parent's had a graduation party for her.
Cousin Jenna, sister Rachelle, Chevy, and sister Renee
This is GG, or Grandma Milley playing dolls with Ellie. Grandma Milley is so good with the kids and can keep up with them!
Earlier that day we took the kids to the splash park and castle park to play. Here are a few cute shots of the kids.

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  1. How exciting! You have really been there for most of her life!

    I love Avi's girl friend's girls have that same dress. I wish they made it in adult sizes! :0)