Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of the Ordinary

This week for me and the kids is out of the ordinary! Avielle is at Nana's and Grandpa's in Michigan for the week. These pictures are taken of her day today. I think she is having a lot of fun! She went fishing with her Auntie Renee and Mr. Nate. They said she just giggled when she caught one fish after another! My little girl just loves getting her hands dirty and isn't afraid of anything! I keep thinking that she will one day be a nurse.
Nana took her to the mall today and let her bring her baby stroller to stroll around. Avi also got to pick out a dress from Gymboree and get her nails done at the salon with Nana. What a life!

Here are her nails

Auntie Renee and Mr. Nate with their fish!
Anderson is in Vacation Bible School for the week. I asked him what he learned today and he said that he learned about God! I'm glad! He got a cool purple shirt that he has been wearing all day and won't take off! It seems like such a good program! I dropped him off at 9:30, well I was a little late or a lot of late, and picked him up at 12:30.
Wow, I had three hours with one child! Ellie and I hurried to Gurnee Mall so I could use my $10 off coupon at both Carter's and OshKosh. While we were at the mall I think Ellie said hi to every person we passed. It was cute, but for a mom who is not extremely outgoing it was a little embarrassing. It was neat to see people's responses. Some people said hello again and some just didn't say anything. When they didn't say anything my persistent girl would continue to say hello. I loved how her hello just put such a smile on every one's face!
After I picked up Anderson, both Ellie and Anderson said they didn't want lunch, but wanted to go straight to bed! They took at 2 1/2 hour nap and I was able to get school work done and unpack from our weekend.
Then we took Ellie and Anderson to my parent's to pick up our lovely dog that we missed so much. Actually we didn't miss her a ton. The kids wanted to play and so we stayed and hung out with my parent's. Chevy left work and we all went out for hot dog's and ice cream. It was a delightful day!

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  1. That sounds like a great evening, playing, hot dogs and ice cream! :0) Hope you guys are doing well!