Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strawberry Picking

Yesterday, my mom took us to the strawberry farm to pick strawberries. It was a really hot day, 88 degrees, so we got up early to go picking. The kids brought their hats, but the girls took them off. They looked like little cowgirls.
We filled up 5 bushels. There were many strawberries, but they said they had a hot spring, so there weren't as many as usual.

The three of them did awesome picking! Look at Ellie's basket she has quite a few. After she filled up the basket she decided to throw some like a ball. Not a great idea!

Here is my cool dude showing how he picked his first four strawberries.

Here is my sweet strawberry!

They were really get into picking them!

After all our hard work we got some homemade donuts and juice boxes. It was a hot day!

Here are all the yummy strawberries.

Then we decided to make jam. I haven't done it before, but remember my mom doing it when I was a kid.
Canning done! That night we also had strawberry shortcake. It was a really fun experience and now want to go strawberry picking every year!

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