Sunday, September 5, 2010


Here is Avi and Anderson on their first day of preschool. Chevy had the day off, so he joined us on this new adventure. The kids were really excited! They are in the 4 year old room, even though they will be 4 in October. They looked kind of small compared to all the other kids. That is kind of strange since Anderson always seems bigger than the other kids.

Chevy and I brought them to their classroom. We were excited to meet their teacher, but she had not arrived at school yet. They went into the room for the before school program with their friend Mackenzie. Chevy and I waited around to meet the teacher, but she still was not present. Chevy and I went out with Ellie and Penny to breakfast and did a little shopping. Of coarse we returned early to meet the teacher at pick up. She seemed nice and she probably had a good reason why she was not at the classroom on time.

Avielle really likes preschool! She has made a lot of friends. Anderson would rather not go to school. Each morning he tells Avielle to stay by him and sit with him. I just love that they can be there for each other. Avielle just absolutely loves that her brother needs her.
Anderson, Mackenzie, and Avielle are ready for school!!!!

Here we come preschool!!!!!

The same day that the kids started school, little Penny stayed with us! We had so much fun with her! I just love that I can get my baby fix during the day, but not have my nights up with a baby! She is so cute and I will need to post some pics of her. It is funny the looks I get with all four kids that look four and under. The other day, the pastor at the school wondered how many kids I had? Of coarse, I explained that the little one is my sister's. It is hilarious to hear people say, "Wow, they have two redheads, a blond, and a brunette!!!!!" HA!

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  1. That is so adorable! My kids start preschool this week. Of course my 4 year old is already telling my 3 year old what to he's the veteran of preschool or something!