Friday, October 28, 2011

Anderson's 5th Birthday!

Okay, so as you know Avielle's Birthday is 5 days before Anderson's, well it was the longest 5 days of my life waiting for Anderson to turn 5! He would ask me every few hours when he would be 5! Well, two weeks ago Anderson turned 5 and when he woke up he asked for the Birthday plate for his usual pancakes! I felt like this was the first year that both Avi and Anderson completely understood what a Birthday meant and how the day was focused around them and boy they didn't let us forget it was each of their special days! HA!
Here he is in his Birthday shirt!

Both Avi and Ellie were sick on Anderson's Birthday with pneumonia! Surprisingly Anderson never got it! YEA!

Avi and Ellie took naps and Chevy decided to take Anderson to the Jump Zone for a special afternoon with his cousins.

That night we went to Anderson's favorite place, Mitches for a hot dog and ice cream..

Anderson you are so loved by your family! I love your love of life and of coarse your adorable laugh/giggle! You are so creative in your play and always come up with a fun made-up game. Sometimes you act like a tough guy, but you always love to give your mommy and daddy hugs. You are so good with your words and remember everything! You like to be organized only if mom is doing the organizing. Funny how you always thank me and show appreciation when your room was cleaned by me! You are one determined little guy. You learned to ride a bike without training wheels in hours. That was after you bugged us for days that you were ready for those training wheels to come off! I love to see your desire for sports and how you want to be just like your daddy.

We love you SO MUCH!

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