Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Girl!

I cannot believe it! Our little girl is 5 years old! She is such a sweetheart and is extremely caring towards others. Avielle is extremely smart. She is starting to read and loves to color! If Avi sees a little one in the room she is drawn to the baby. She is so gentle and loving towards them. She is such a great big sister to her sis, Ellie and her cousin Penelope.

Avielle loves to help around the house and she loves to cook!

The day before her Birthday my mom had a big party for my dad, Avi, and Anderson. Avi and my dad share a birthday! Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the day. :(

Today I taught and the kids went to their class. Avielle brought in treats. For dinner we were going to go to Mitch's one of her favorites, but it was closed!!!! So we went to her second favorite place, Taco El Norte! She loves TACOS! Her friends joined us in the celebration!

The McMahon Girls!
The Kids Table

The Domier Girls!

Then we came home for ice cream and presents!

The 3 KIDDOS! Such LOVE!

We each said something we LOVE about Avi tonight. Anderson said, "She is nice and she always shares with me!" Ellie said, "I love Avi and she shares her toys with me!" Both Daddy and I love your generous heart and your love for your family. We love that you truly love God and others. You have a determined spirit and a beautiful heart! We love your smile and love of life!!! We can't imagine our lives without you sweet Avielle. You are so loved and your bro and sis think the world of you!!!! We pray many blessings on you this year!

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