Sunday, October 2, 2011

Women of Faith

This weekend we, "The Girls," went to Milwaukee, WI to the Women of Faith Conference! Thank you to our amazing husbands who took over our duties to watch the kids while we left early Friday morning and we were able to be refreshed!

Left to right: Jackie, Leah, Kelli, Pamela, Theresa, Barclay, and myself! Sweet Shari was saving us seats!
The event took place at the Bradley Center and we had really good seats! Thank you to Allie who set up the event and invited us!

We took some pictures before the event started. Here is Pamela and Shari.

Barclay and myself

One of the reasons for going to Women of Faith was to meet Angie Smith. She was one of the first blogs that we read and her heart captured our souls. She wrote about her struggles as she was told that her little girl that she was pregnant with, did not have a good chance in surviving. She blogged about her feelings and struggles. Angie now tells her story at Women of Faith.

I have BOLD friends who saw Angie near the stage and we decided to go see if we could find her after the concert. Kelli saw where all the speakers were walking in from. She asked a security guard and he went and talked Angie to see if she would come out and speak to us. He told us that she would be out soon to meet us. As soon as we were told she would, we all became like little girls!!!!

Barclay started filing her nails!

Shari searched for lip gloss!

Kelli also searched for her lip gloss!

As we were waiting Natalie Grant passed by!!!!

Here is Angie Smith! When she came out I think we were all awe struck. She asked us each of her names followed by a hug and was genuinely nice! I dream come true!

Here we are at our second day at Women of Faith.

Barclay and Jackie

You are not going to believe that all 8 of us fit in a mini van! It was a cozy ride! Ha!

Here is a fearless driver!

When our evening ended we headed to Olive Garden and talked about what we learned during the weekend. What a great retreat for each of us! We heard such encouraging and challenging words.

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  1. Love it!!!! Thank you ladies for an awesome weekend!! Jackie