Friday, December 23, 2011

Annual Friends Christmas Gathering

The table and house were ready for our dear friends that we have been friends with almost as long as we have been married, 11 years! This group includes four couples: McMahon's, Domier's, Lyman's, and Chevrier's. We were friends long before all the kids came! Every Friday night you would find us four couples together doing something wild. No we weren't at bars! We were probably out to eat for dinner and then playing some kind of card game. HA!

Things have changed with the kiddos and where we are all located. Unfortunatley, we aren't able to all get together as often as before, so we try to get together at a little Christmas gathering. Our kids call each other auntie and uncle as these group of people have become like family.
Anderson and Ellie in great anticipation for their friends!

Kids Table

Adult Table!

Look at these sweet shirts and adorable bows! Barclay made all of these Christmas tree shirts and a cute tie shirt for Anderson.

We had all the kids come to our bedroom and take pictures. Of coarse they had a blast and were quite silly!

Avielle and Stephie!

Brynn, Bella, and Anderson

Cutie Ellie! Look at those adorable bows and her cheaks!

Then we had a wardrobe change into their fancy Christmas outfits.

Yes, we really couldn't get the perfect shoot, but this does capture their spirits.

Then we got them into their pajamas for a Christmas movie.

Look at the sea of PINK!

Auntie Kelli snuggling with the girls.

Then it was time for Uncle Jake to read, "The Night Before Christmas."

Jake is amazing at telling stories!

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