Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Small Group Christmas Party

We had our small group over for a Christmas party. We had all the kiddos dress up in their Christmas outfits.
Brooke and Avielle. Avi just loves the babies!

Here is the whole group. Logan is the one hidden.

We did a gift exchange for the kids. We picked names and the limit for the gift was $1.00. The kids had so much fun picking things out for each other and opening their gifts.

Brooke got a Santa hat from Abby.

We ate dinner together and Diedra brought these yummy treats!!!!

The girls colored ornaments.

Here is our small group, except Zach is not pictured.

Right to left: Ryan, Vince, Sean, Charlie, Somer, Barclay, Jill, Diedra, and Katie!

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