Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving in Michigan

Mom and the kids made these fun Oreo turkeys with the kids. The kids just loved making them and then eating them!
Here is the kids table.

Auntie Rachelle with her new puppy, Nala! Anderson just loved her! Avi not so much of a fan????

Auntie Renee doing the dishes.

Thanksgiving Day Ryan had a temperature and slept for most of the day. :( The rest of us went out and played a little football after our Thanksgiving feast.

Mr. Matt and Auntie Rachelle

During football, Avielle, Nana, and Ellie went and made nature nests. They went and picked up leaves and dry flowers and made a little nest in the yard. Ellie kept saying she was making a "mess" instead of a nest. HA!

Ellie and Nana

While we were in Michigan we went to Cantaberry Village.

After seeing millions of ornaments the kids got some hot chocolate and hot apple cider. During our stay, Mom and Dad watched the kiddos and we went on a double date with Renee and Nate. It was fun to have a kid free dinner and be able to go see a movie.

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