Sunday, December 4, 2011


We had the privilege of going to Chicago twice in November to visit our dear friends, the Lyman Family. Their adorable and brilliant daughter, Katie Grace, turned 2 in October and they had a swim party for her. It was fun for the kids to swim in October!!!!!!
Here we are in the elevator going down to the pool!

I love Ellie in her boots and bathing suit!

After swimming we had yummy pizza and Uncle Jake did his annual puppet show!

The kids and adults watching. That weekend we also had a fun visit with Nana, who was able to join us at the party. Auntie Renee also showed up for a little visit! :)

Here are the dads with the kids in the pool.

Then two weeks later we came to Chicago to see the Thanksgiving parade! Here are all the kids bundled up. We actually had perfect weather.

Going to see the parade has become a fun tradition. We have done this for the last 3 years.

Bella, Ellie, and Brynn

I didn't have my Nikon camera that weekend. So these are not the best quality pictures. Here is me, Barclay, and Shari. We are missing Kelli! :(

We needed to hold the kids up so they could see the parade. I think we were all a little sore the next day!

Anderson and Chevy

Since the weather was nice, after the parade we went to the park and played outside. The kids were able to get all their energy out!

Then Shari had us all back to her house for some hot chocolate and cookies. Here are all the girlie's drinking their hot chocolate. Shari is such a good hostess!

Avielle and Bella

That night we had a sleepover at the apartment. Here are all the kids in their matching pajamas!

Then Auntie Shari read the kiddos a few books. What a fun evening! The kids all went right to bed. They were quite tired from our exciting night.

When we woke we had breakfast and then headed to the Chicago Children's Museum. It is in walking distance to their apartment. That has also become a tradition the day after the parade. In the above picture, Katie has a raincoat on as she explores in the water room.

Ellie climbs the tires!

Anderson and Katie painting on the wall!

We had such a fun time! The kids really did well and just had a blast! Thank you Auntie Shari and Katie for a great weekend! Uncle Jake we missed you!

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