Saturday, July 21, 2012

Park View Bike Parade!

We had our first Park View subdivision bike parade this year.  Of coarse it was super hot that evening that we planned to do it.  We were all dripping in sweat as we decorate our bikes at 6:30 at night.   

The parents and kids were all such troopers to brave the heat!
Bella has her bike ready
What an adorable crew!!!!
Here are the babies following along!
They all rode their bikes and we ended the bike parade at Mr. Mark's house where he had a water slide up that we could all cool down in!  Thank you Mark!
Zach, Jacob, and Anderson
Brynn and Ellie
Daniella and Avielle
Daniella and her mommy!
Anderson and Ben
The kids had fun playing in the water and slide and then things got interesting with the squirt guns.  The kids started coming after the adults with the squirt guns!  My Chevy was absolutely soaked and I got a little wet from a misfire!
We are moving by the end of August and the hardest part about the move is that we really love our neighborhood.  The neighborhood is all about family and the kids are all around the same age.  There is always someone to play with and parents to sit out and talk to.  Mark and Ellen own a Bouncy house, so we love going over to their house to bounce on the latest equipement.  Thankfully we are moving 5 minutes away. 

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