Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Naps Today!

Today we went to Great America with Ryan, Avi, Anderson, Ellie, Nana, Auntie Rachelle, Stephanie, a dear friend from college, her mom and Stephanie's kids, Abi and Leah. We had a blast together! Your not going to believe it, but we stayed all day and skipped naps. If you know me that is quite amazing! I am very strict with naps and being home to take them. Naps are my sanity and help me make it through the day. It is the time where I clean the house and get what I have wanted to get accomplished all day, but I have been watching and entertaining the kids. Believe me with three kids under 2 1/2 you can't get a lot done. Though this week I am a new woman. All week the kids have been off on their naps. Tuesday and Thursday the older kids didn't even get a nap and on Wednesday we put the kids down at 3:30 for a nap. While we were at Great America I took these shots of the kids. I didn't get one of Avi being tired, but Ellie fell asleep in the stroller and Anderson was quite tired and took a rest on the beach towel bag.

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