Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

On Sunday my husband, Ryan, celebrated his thirty-second birthday! We were at the cabin for the weekend with family. The family included, Grandpa Chevrier, Nana Chevrier, Auntie Rachelle, Papa Anderson, Grammie Anderson, GG, Papa John, cousin Austin, cousin Timmy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Jeff, cousin Macey, cousin Grace, cousin Abigail, and then our family of 5! Luckily there were two cabins! We had so much fun during the weekend! The older girls helped out with the kids and we were able to actually have conversations. We went boating, on the wave runners, to the park, and to the sand bar. Aunt Kathy did crafts with the kids and they all just loved spending time together.
I want to tell you about my wonderful husband! He is one of the kindest and genuine people you will ever meet. What you see is truly what you get. He is a servant at heart to the people around him and truly cares about others and doesn't worry about what people think.
He is an awesome dad. Ryan always is willing to help out with the kids. He loves being with the kids and likes taking them on adventures. Ryan is never afraid to take them all by himself. He will take all three of them out to eat by himself or for the weekend by himself. God blessed us with three beautiful children in a very short time frame. I know if I didn't have Ryan by my side helping and encouraging me all the way I might have gone crazy. Ryan is the biggest encourager to me in my life. He is my cheerleader and gives me confidence to get through the day. He is very sensitive to my needs of needing a break from the kids.
Ryan is a man who loves God. I can say after being married to him for 9 years he is a truthful man and one who sticks to his word. Ryan shows Christ through his servant heart. I see Christ in him daily as he serves me.
I love you Ryan and am so thankful for you and all your hard work. Thank you for being an awesome husband and father!

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